Swarovski Crystal Beetle Collection


I was recently browsing on the Swarovski website and I came across this amazing Beetle collection. People aren’t usually fond of bug jewellery, but I definitely am. A lot of my ring collection is made up from animal and bug pieces and I do have a bright blue beetle ring that I got a long time ago, which I love!

I absolutely fell in love with these Swarovski Beetle necklaces and ring though. I think the colouring of the crystals is so striking with the blue and purple, but I also love the shape as well. There is something so unique about it! The Beetle ring has definitely gone on my wish list! What do you think of the collection? Purchase these pieces online at Swarovski.


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  1. Josh Hughes says:

    I’m looking to buy this beetle ring for my girlfriend but can’t find it anywhere. Do you know where it is sold?

  2. Hi Josh,

    I have this Beegle ring and I´m not that sure it´s my personal style of jewerly.. so if you want it, I can sell it to you. It´s original and I´m giving you an extraordinary price.

    Please write me!

  3. Hi, I would love this ring does anyone know we’re I could buy it, struggling to find a place x

  4. I bought this ring few days ago in Swarovski outlet in Parndorf (Vienna). The price was 60 euros

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