Caia Jewels by Chiara Ferragni

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Popular fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, has branched out even further and launched her own jewellery collection called Caia Jewels. It’s a 25 piece collection made in Los Angeles and designed entirely by Chiara. The pieces tell a story and are actually quite statement making as you can see.

Caia used to be Chiara’s nickname as a child and is still a big part of her life now. In the new jewellery collection, the pieces stand for love and relationships in many ways. Chiara started with the Muse necklace and bangles, which were inspired by her tattoo, to give to whoever is your muse. She then created the lips collection, these are symbols of love and kisses and then moved on to the true essence of every relationship with the words ‘amami, baciami e vaffan***o (which mean love me, kiss me and f**k you in Italian)’ on the rings. The reason behind these words were because love doesn’t only live through positive feelings, but also through fights and misunderstandings.

Here are all of the campaign shots for the Caia Jewels collection and they were shot by her current boyfriend, Andrew Arthur. All of the jewellery pieces are made in Los Angeles and shipped worldwide and you can buy them online here. What do you think?

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  1. always so annoyingly self referred girl, the collection is so trash, vaffanculo means fuck you, so chic…

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