FiggaHugga Neon Shapewear


A Figgahugga is a bright, young, fun under dress, which does pretty much what the name suggests! It hugs your figure to make you look instantly slimmer and feel fabulously confident. It’s a new take on the classic shape wear which usually comes in black, white or nude. The difference being, the Figgahugga’s come in neon colours of pink, yellow, green, blue and purple and are designed to be seen!

It’s made of breathable nylon and lycra, so it’s seriously strong when it comes to holding your lumps and bumps in, but it still feels soft and cool on the skin. Unlike most under dresses, Figgahugga’s have no ugly lines, shaping, contour marks, bumpy straps or wires, so it transforms cheapie T Shirt dresses into things of beauty with smooth silhouettes.

Depending on your cup size, you can wear it with or without a bra and it also features a silicone hem so that it doesn’t ride up. These under dresses were designed specifically for the slimmer girls who like going out at night in their figure hugging dresses, but didn’t feel confident enough after having eaten, getting a few lumps and bumps here and there. The Figgahugga looks pretty and stylish as well as doing its job! You can buy them online in a variety of colours by clicking here in sizes XS, S, M and L. The XS equates to a size UK 6-8 with the L being a UK 12-14. What do you think of them?




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