Antony Morato Autumn Winter 2013


I was recently introduced to the brand Antony Morato, a fantastic trend driven fashion brand for the men. They produce some amazing sneakers and high tops which I will be covering in a later post.

The brand was established in 2007 by 3 young Italian brothers, Lello, Giovanni and Tania Caldarelli, with Lello Caldarelli taking the role of President and Creative Director. The brand launched with footwear, then they soon followed by adding beachwear, sunglasses, underwear and leather accessories.

With every different season, Antony Morato uses a different name for their capsule collection, for the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, they have divided each story in: Bohémien, Middle Ages, Postcard from Italy, Reporter 70 and Movie Star.


The company has quickly positioned itself as a successful player in the casual men’s sportswear category. With a defined look and youthful attitude, the label has created its own, distinctive stylistic language in its wide-ranging product design.

By 2012 they had expanded to over 50 countries and today Antony Morato is sold in 30 mono-brand stores in strategic locations throughout Europe, Asia, America and South America, as well as available in multi-brand stores and online.

Within this post you can see the 9 photos from the brands new Autumn Winter 2013 campaign and get a feel for them. What do you think?

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