Enjoying The Last Of The Summer Holidays With Your Children

Apple Picking

Enjoying the last of the summer holidays

With an entire two months off, it can be difficult to find and plan a wide variety of activities to keep the kids occupied. Here are some fun and engaging ways to help you and your kids make the most of the last days of summer.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Spend a little time beforehand to create a list of clues and objects scattered around the house or the garden. Have your kids search the area for the clues and objects to get to a prize at the end. If you have enough people, you can even divide into teams and make it a bit of competition. Not only will your kids get the fun of finding the prize at the end, but they will also learn logic and teamwork.

See a Show

Summer is a great time to see a show or performance, and many venues offer kid-friendly events, often at low cost. Look around for a good puppet show or play that caters to younger viewers and it might just be fun.

Go Apple Picking

As we get closer to autumn, the apples start to come back in season. You can visit an apple picking site with your kids and all work together to collect apples, which you can use at home to make a pie, juice, a cake, or other treats. You can even have your kids help you with the preparation, so they can learn a bit about cooking as well.

Take a Hike

Speaking of autumn, it’s a reminder that these beautiful sunny days are only temporary, and winter will be here soon. Pack up the kids trainers, head out to the countryside and take a walk, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.


Let the Kids Take Charge!

Kids can also benefit from having the choice of what to do each day. For each free day, assign one child the role of deciding what to do and even making some of the arrangements, where age appropriate.

For example, an older child can be tasked with using the internet to find out the opening times of a museum exhibit or a special event, while a younger child may be content just to pick the day’s excursion. Make sure you set aside a day for each child and that you can accommodate the child’s wishes to the best of your ability (keep it reasonable). You may find yourself doing a bit of negotiating.

Not only will your children get the chance to take part in the organizing, but they will also learn how to go along with what a different person wants to do and the merits of taking turns. Plus, kids may also learn how much fun it can be to try a new activity, learn about something new, or gain a new skill.

What are some other great choices for summer activities? Share some of your favourites in the comments below. Have a great rest of the summer holidays!

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