Common Projects Classic Shoes


Common Projects is a brand of shoes I’ve always loved and wear often, so I have decided to feature them in my first post on The Fashion Supernova.

Common Projects launched in 2004 and was established by art director Mr Prathan Poopat and creative consultant Mr Flavio Girolami. With their backgrounds in fashion, they created sleek and minimalist shoes combined with Italian quality and construction. Each pair of Common Projects shoes also has a distinctive gold code stamped on the rear quarter of the shoe. Below are some examples of some of their classics, with simple yet effective colours and designs

Common Projects Original Achilles Mid


The Achilles is the original design by the brand, shown here in the classic Mid White. They are perhaps the most famous style by Common Projects, made from 100% leather, with a round toe and a rubber sole. A great pairing with skinny jeans.

Common Projects Original Vintage High


Here is a pair of their Vintage High’s in black leather, another classic style from the brand, but with a much higher ankle, also featuring the round toe and rubber sole, while being made from 100% leather.

Common Projects Original Achilles Low


The classic Achilles shown here is the Low style in Tan. These are the lowest of the collection as they are cut like a shoe, below the ankle. Again they have the round toe and rubber sole, but these would work with shorter length jeans.

Common Projects are comfortable, 100% leather and they also are available in various colours and materials, which I will be featuring very soon!

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