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initial reaction gold necklace

Initial Reaction Jewellery is a brand that I recently found out about. They combine really sweet necklaces in either metal or acrylic, with your initials on, hence the name, Initial Reaction. I think this play on words is really cool and the pieces are definitely unique! I’ve included some information from the press release just below and you can also see some of the new styles in the gallery as well. What do you think of the brand?

From bold and flirty to classic and chic, Initial Reaction has the perfect statement pieces that are in tune with the must-have color trends for Fall 2013. At Initial Reaction jewelry is more than an accoutrement; it’s the cherry on top that really defines its wearer and who they choose to be for just the day or for always. The fall the runway focus was on saturated hues that really put their wearers on pedestals, and Initial Reaction is not about to pass up a chance to make their clientele feel like queens.

Nothing says personalized quite as well as jewelry emblazoned with its wearers’ initials, but at Initial Reaction they go above and beyond by incorporating brilliant hues into their Acrylic Cut Out monogram and nameplate pendants. These gorgeously detailed necklaces are available in feminine cursive letters or a modern block style and then customized with one of a multitude of colors.

It can’t be denied that fuchsia with its deep rosy pigmentation is anything but sensual, and when paired with Initial Reaction’s fun monogram scripts this runway staple picks up a flirtatiousness that won’t fail to make his mouth water. Whether she’s going for a splash of autumn or a taste of summer sweetness when the weather turns, Initial Reaction’s orange and tortoise hues fit the bill and are right on cue with fall’s love affair with the color “Koi.”

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