Missoni Autumn/Winter 2013 Campaign


Parallel images and different levels of interpretation define the second campaign in celebration of Missoni’s 60th anniversary which, conceived as a sequel to the Summer 2013 campaign, shuttles us back and forth in time, between the past and future of Missoni fashion.

While this past season’s campaign, evoking classical portraits and precious antique miniatures, featured a young cast set against the traditional and luxurious backdrop of period interiors, this new campaign, shot en plein air on the rocky and deserted coasts of Cornwall, projects us into an almost lunar dimension, a sci-fi space-time.


The star of the Winter 2013 campaign is top model Stella Tennant, an international and charismatic figure who, like the most skilled of actresses, interprets different feminine identities when she wears Missoni’s historic pieces, standing tall in this natural setting. But the scale of the images devoted to the new Winter 2013 collection changes, so she looks miniaturized and more distant, like a creature arriving from the future
or from another planet.

The narrative link between these two moments is an intriguing, alien cubic structure, a design-sculptural element that changes size and function. It appears in a portable format, like a small stool or astral fetish in Stella’s hands, only to expand and become a set, a habitable structure, an abstract and “astral” means of transport.


Against the same backdrop, posing inside the large cube in garments from the Missoni Winter 2013 Men’s Collection, Paul Sculfor has all the allure of an older man who can impart his personality, intensity and authenticity to the clothing he wears. And, like Stella Tennant, he helps transform this campaign into a fascinating contemporary portrait gallery.

The involuntary and uncontrollable contribution of the sea breeze gives the poses a dynamic air, exalting the presence and vitality of the photographed models, also imbuing Alasdair McLellan’s photographs with special energy.


– The Fashion Supernova

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