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The ultimate fashionista and one of my favourite fashion icons, Olivia Palermo, debuts the Carrera y Carrera collection for the third year in a row. Olivia, known internationally as one of the most stylish celebrities, models with perfect elegance the new Carrera y Carrera collection, Tesoros del Imperio. Authentic works of art worthy of a queen. You can see some of her thoughts on the collection below.

TESOROS DEL IMPERIO COLLECTION – I think this collection from Carrera y Carrera is absolutely beautiful. I found out what the inspiration was a year ago, and now that I see the final product, I’m very pleased. You can see and feel the inspiration on the Spanish Golden Age in every piece. It’s a very extensive collection where you can find pieces for daily use but also evening ones. Both the rings and the earrings this season are very wearable.


MY FAVORITE PIECES FROM TESOROS DEL IMPERIO COLLECTION – There are two rings, which belong to the Reina line, inspired by the ruff collars from the paintings of the Spanish Golden Age that are absolutely beautiful. They’re made in a mix of white and yellow gold with diamonds and the best is that you can wear them as a set together. Regarding earrings I love the diamond studs from the Velázquez line.

MY FAVORITE JEWELS – Well I have some beautiful earrings from Carrera y Carrera that I wear quite often, basically every day. They are a pair of diamond stud earrings made in yellow gold from the Pasodoble collection. I love them. And then, I think a great cocktail ring is a great investment you’ll have forever. I also find Bracelets a must have in jewelry obviously as well.

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