New STORM Watches

Melrose Ice Green L99.99[24]

STORM is a very popular British brand for watches and they have just unveiled some of their brand new styles! Embrace this season’s lustrous trend with the STORM Melrose.

Featuring a stunning lazer elevated glass dial and stainless steel bracelet, the Melrose promises the perfect balance of femininity, with an oversized, chic masculine touch. This style comes in Pink, Ice, Ice Blue for £99.99 and Gold £119.99.

Melrose Ice Blue L99.99[24]

Below is another new style, the Rizo. Clean, timeless and chic from STORM and are designed for the woman who embraces effortless style. Featuring a simple metal bangle and discreet date feature, these watches are the ideal compliment to a wardrobe that favours a minimalist aesthetic.

The Rizo comes in Silver and Black for £99.99 and Rose Gold for £119.99. So, which style do you like the most? The Melrose or the Rizo?


– The Fashion Supernova.

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