Taylor Swift: New CoverGirl Campaign – See Yourself, Be Yourself

Taylor Swift has just finished her new CoverGirl Campaign called ‘See Yourself, Be Yourself’. She explained her views on the campaigns motto in the behind the scenes video “I think it’s really important. I look at the ‘See yourself, be yourself’ as kind of a self-awareness.”

Taylor also spoke about her love for fashion and make up. She likes to experiment with fashion as much as she can. She had fun on her last tour as they came up with my 9 different looks during her two hour set, so fashion and styling plays a big part in Taylor’s life. She also mentioned that she takes inspiration from fans. If she see’s one of her fans in a meet and greet line wearing bright teal eye shadow and she likes it, she will try it out the next day. I personally think it’s always important to take inspiration from wherever you can and be open to trying new things when it comes to fashion and make up. You might be pleasantly suprised.

For the ‘See Yourself, Be Yourself’ campaign, Taylor channeled three different looks; rocker-rebel, country boho, and gorgeous glam. She said she had the most fun with the glam look, but she feels more comfortable with the classic cat eye look that we all recognise her for. This time they vamped it up and added a lot of eye shadow to really make her eyes dramatic.

What do you think of Taylor’s campaign? My personal favourite look on her is the rocker-rebel, I love how they did her make up! Followed by country boho and then gorgeous glam last. You can watch the video below.

– The Fashion Supernova.

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