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Hello and welcome to The Fashion supernova. This is a site dedicated to everything fashion – so you can expect to find the latest trends, runway shows, celeb fashion and more. I came up with the name The Fashion supernova for two reasons; one being my love for fashion and the other being my hidden obsession with space, galaxies and supernovas. They fascinate me on another level. Combining the two together became perfect as it’s self explanatory for what I wanted my site to be about – quite literally an explosion of fashion and inspiration.

There are recurring posts here on The Fashion Supernova, so for example; on Monday and Thursday I publish 4 looks that have inspired me from LOOKBOOK.nu under my fashion inspiration posts. About 3-4 times a week I post about a shoe that I love, under my shoepernova posts. Yes, that is a play on the word supernova! In between posting these, I work hard on creating posts on new look books, campaigns, editorials, new styles, fashion, celebrity style, jewellery, bags, accessories and more! As a new edition, The Fashion Supernova now has a team, so there will also be men’s fashion as often as possible and there will also be beauty posts too! If you want to meet the team, you can do so by checking out the Meet The Team post by clicking here. I hope you enjoy your time on my site and thank you for reading! If you do want to get in touch with any of us here, head over to the contact/advertise page by clicking here.

– The Fashion Supernova.

About Lorna

Hi! I’m Lorna, the owner and founder of The Fashion Supernova as well as the main writer. I started this blog back in July 2012 as a place to share all things fashion with you. As you probably know by now, I also have my own personal style and life blog, Raindrops of Sapphire, and I’m the editor of the top online denim blog as well, so blogging is definitely my passion! This site has since grown to accommodate many writers, guests and internships. Thank you for reading The Fashion Supernova and I hope that you enjoy it!


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