LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 4

Here is my 4th installment of the LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration series. I’ve also included a male look this time as I love his style, it’s always very classic, but tailored and fashionable! I’ve also chosen two denim looks and a beautiful red dress. Some of these outfits are truly amazing don’t you think?

LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspiration 3

Here is the third installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspiration posts. As you know by now, it’s a place that I love to browse as often as I can to see what people are wearing and how differently each person puts their looks together. It’s an amazing place for fashion inspiration and there are some […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspiration 2

Here is Thursday’s installment of LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspirations. I have chosen 4 looks from the site which caught my eye and I think are beautiful. One thing I love about LOOKBOOK.nu is the fact that it brings people (from all around the world) together through fashion. Some of the outfits I see on there are […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspiration 1

Every Monday and Thursday, I will be posting 4 looks from LOOKBOOK.nu that I find really inspiring and love! I am always scanning through the site to see what outfits people are coming up with and what pieces look pretty, so I thought I would share some of my favourite ones with you! The name […]