How To Incorporate Trends In Your Personal Style

How to incorporate trends while staying true to your personal style Developing a personal style can be quite a tricky business. If you’re anything like me you often turn to Instagram, Pinterest, or fashion blogs for inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration can lead to rather…unfortunate additions to your closet, however. I went through a phase where […]

7 Beach Look Tricks To Flatter Your Body

Choosing from so many options… Hey! Wanna look hot at the beach but don’t have a perfectly trained beach body yet? No Problem! Let me share with you 7 tricks to flatter your body and get that beach body look. It’s about using the right pieces of swimwear that put your body in the right […] Fashion Inspiration 12

Here is the twelfth installment of my Fashion Inspiration posts. This time round I have chosen two feminine looks, they each represent the floral and whimsical feel of fashion, while the other two are a little tougher with more bolder pieces. Black and white stripes are a huge weakness of mine, which is why […]