LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 30

Here is the thirtieth installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. I’ve chosen four different women’s looks, each of them getting in the Autumn spirit! There are dark florals, geometric and quirky prints and layers! The first look is my favourite! I adore burgundy and combining the silk burgundy shirt with dark floral tailoring like […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 29

Here is the twenty ninth installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. I have chosen three ladies looks and one guys look, just to keep things a little entertaining. I haven’t chosen outfits which were completely different from each other this time around though, some are quite similar in terms of vibe and style. The […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 28

Here is my twenty eighth LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration post. I have selected four different looks from across the globe, three of those being women’s and one of them being a man’s look. Each of these outfits are unique and different, as usual. The first look above was one that I was drawn to immediately because […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 27

Here is the twenty seventh installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. Again I have chosen four separate looks from different bloggers/models/photographers on the website and I love each one of them individually! The first look is just so simple and casual, but so fun! The slouchy white t-shirt coupled with the skinny leather pants […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 26

Here is my twenty sixth installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. I have included four very different looks in this post and I love each and every one of them. The first look is my favourite! I absolutely adore the burgundy, black and white colour combination and this outfit couldn’t have been styled any […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 25

Here is my twenty fifth LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration post. These are really going quickly and I’m still finding them as fun to do as I did in the beginning. I have chosen four really different looks again and I think each one is gorgeous! The first look is my favourite! This is how you transition […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 24

Here is the twenty fourth LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration post in my fashion inspiration series here on The Fashion Supernova. Again I have chosen four different looks, one belonging to a guy and three to girls. I don’t just love the outfits that they wear in these photos, I just love everything in them, like the […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 23

Here is the twenty third installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. For my four different looks this time, I chose images which were really bold and stood out to me, ones that had something about them which I just loved. The first look above might be my favourite! I’m a huge addict of burgundy […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 22

Here is the twenty second installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. Again, I have featured four very different looks, three being women’s and one being a guys outfit. I went for a more tougher approach with all of these outfits and I think they fit that description pretty well! Especially two of them! The […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 21

Here is the twenty first installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. These are literally flying by and I can’t believe how quickly they are going! I have included two women’s looks and two guys looks in this post, each of them really unique and different from the rest like usual. I love diversity! The […]

Street Style Fashion Inspiration 6

Here is the sixth installment of my Street Style Fashion Inspiration series, with photos shot by the talented Ko Hooncheol. I really love seeing peoples style, from around the world and for different events. There are so many unique looks and it’s amazing to see just how peoples personalities translate through their outfit choices. The […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 20

Here is the twentieth installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. I can’t believe I have got to twenty already! The posts have flown by! I have featured my usual four outfits from different bloggers and models and they are very different. The first outfit was so striking to me! I love the thick black […]

Style Blogger Fashion Inspiration

As you know, I absolutely love fashion inspiration, so I thought I would add a little bit more to my regular LOOKBOOK.nu and Street Style fashion inspiration series and include Style Blogger fashion inspiration as well! I read style blogs every single day and I always find a huge amount of inspiration within them! For […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 19

Here is my nineteenth LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration post. This time I have featured three women’s looks and one guys look. Each of them very different from the other again and just as beautiful in a unique way. The first look has more of a bohemian vibe to it. A fringed suede jacket with a printed […]

Street Style Fashion Inspiration 5

Here is my fifth post in my street style fashion inspiration series, which I am loving posting about. I’ve chosen a mix of four very different women’s outfits here, a couple of them are feminine, but tough, while the other two are slightly more girly, with masculine properties. I love seeing so many different looks […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 18

Here is my eighteenth LOOKBOOK.nu fashion inspiration post. Again, I have four very different looks, however they each fit in with the girly and feminine theme. Well, three of them do, and one of them is a little more tougher. The outfit above is my favourite fashion inspiration out of the four for clothes. It’s […]

Street Style Fashion Inspiration 4

Here is my fourth post on my street style fashion inspiration, with photos shot by my friend and wonderful photographer, Ko Hooncheol. I’m really enjoying sharing with you all fashion inspiration photos that I find online. I think fashion is so diverse and really captures the wearers personality. I find fashion is a lot like […]

Street Style Fashion Inspiration 3

Here is the third post in my street style fashion inspiration series. There is a great mix here of four different women’s looks and I think every one of them is unique and different. There are stripes, giraffe print, red leather and green embellishments, all of them shot by my favourite street style photographer, Ko […]