Has Smart Gone Sou..

It’s official, Britain is a “smart” society! The last four years has seen our daily lives be infiltrated with technology at an alarming rate; with 66% of UK adults now owning a smartphone, compared with just 40% in 2012. Not only has the number of smart phone users gone up, but the number of hours […]

8 Secrets You Need..

There is a lot more to your age than just how long you’ve been walking the Earth. Researchers from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis have discovered that there are indeed several factors that come into play when determining ones age, as well as how rapidly the effects of aging set in on an […]

Summer 2016 Jewelr..

As soon as spring breezes and flowers give way to summer heat, your wardrobe will take a slight shift, too. Tees give way to tanks, and gaucho pants give way to shorts. Even jewelry gets sleeker during the summer months. Don’t let heavy baubles weigh you down when warm weather hits. Instead, add a simple […]

5 Ways To Wear Gir..

You’ve probably heard of boyfriend jeans, but girlfriend jeans might be a new premise in the world of denim. The question is, how do you actually style them? Girlfriend jeans are essentially what you would have referred to in school as ‘ankle swingers’. Worn fitted around the waist and hips, they then become looser and […]

Top 4 Fashion Piec..

Shopping at a thrift store is the easiest way to save money on clothes. It’s also a great way to reduce consumption and reduce your environmental impact. Yet not many people have the ability to find good pieces that will fit right in their closet. Some clothes may be too faded or worn. Some may […]

5 Spring Trends Th..

Now that the weather is finally warming up a bit, it’s time to start wearing some of Spring’s biggest trends seen around the world. Many of these trends you’ve seen before, which is a good thing. It means that these trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so you should be safe for the next few […]

6 Relaxing Picnic ..

Image via CNTraveller The Summer is coming up and it means it’s time to do the exciting and relaxing things that we love, a picnic in the park being one of them. For us fashionable people out there, we will have a lot of things we need to take with us to make sure our […]

10 Hot New All Sai..

Guys, with the warmer weather approaching, it’s time to start thinking about buying a new leather jacket, isn’t it? You’ve worn your trusty black one through the Winter and it’s looking a little battered by now from the weather, so why not try out a lighter, more fresh leather jacket for Summer? Leather bomber jackets […]

Famous Sixties Ico..

When you’re stuck for style inspiration, our advice is to turn to the classics for new ideas. Giving birth to the miniskirt, paisley prints and Cuban heels, the 1960s still form a great source of inspiration for designers and fashionistas alike in the present day. From mods on their Vespa’s and hippies at Woodstock to […]

10 Stylish Men To ..

The explosion of Instagram since its launch in 2010 has been phenomenal. With 400 million active users it has far surpassed Twitter’s 320 million, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing up any time soon. Fashion bloggers and brands alike vie for your attention with visually impressive photography, making it a daily inspiration hub for […]

5 Upcoming British..

When most people think of streetwear, casual, comfortable fashion springs to mind with its roots in skate, surf and hip-hop culture. Many modern British streetwear labels, however, are doing their best to show us at the moment that it can also be incredibly stylish. Whilst practicality is still highly valued, most streetwear designers don’t shy […]

Make Your Summer W..

Spring is here, which means it’s time to get ready for summer weddings! Whether you’re planning one of your own or attending those of loved ones, a quick primer in this year’s top summer wedding colors will do you well! Yellow works as Star or Accent Image source: Top Wedding If you’re doing an outdoor […]

10 Hot New All Sai..

10 Hot New All Saints Leather Jackets For Women When it comes to leather jackets, there’s not many brands that do a better selection than All Saints in terms of fit, design and an affordable price. Many designers like Acne, IRO, Saint Laurent and more have some gorgeous leather jackets out, but with a price […]

Jennifer Lopez Wea..

Jennifer Lopez is somewhat of a fashion icon in her own right. We have seen her rocking the red carpet in gowns and looks that are flawless as well as running errands in jeans and casual clothing, all while looking put together as she does it. Her fashion sense on American Idol for her judging […]

5 Beautiful Summer..

Ladies, the summer, is almost upon us, and you know what that means; short skirts, sun dresses, tank tops, super short shorts and the opportunity for some fun and stylish hair styles. Gone are the days of damp, cold weather and wearing mufflers, pants, and jackets. It’s time to let our hair down, maybe put […]

6 Things You Shoul..

There are certain things you can’t get away with when you’re a grownup, and you have to face the truth: it’s time you invested in some grownup jewelry!  It’s totally normal to still have those favorite fun and funky pieces you may have found while thrifting, but purchasing even one top-quality piece of jewelry that […]

7 Stylish Summer R..

7 Summer Road Trip Essentials to Take You Cross-Country in Style Leaving your home behind to embark on an epic cross-country trip means you can’t take all of the comforts of home with you. You’ll only have limited space in your car, and if other people are going with you, you will have to make […]

Be Your Authentic ..

Be your authentic true self via @nadiafiner So you want to be successful in your business. You look at the entrepreneurs around you and think that in order to succeed, you have to be just like them. After all, they’ve already pulled it off, so if it works for them it must work for you […]