8 Summer Jewelry Trends

As we bask in the summer sun, the hottest in 40 years, our wardrobe and jewelry box, both take a turn towards the colourful. This means our blues, yellows, reds, pinks and other colours are out, as we match them to our ensembles, attune them to the harsh sun, and moisture and match the vibrant […]

Jewelry Trends Around the World

Jewelry is an easy way to create style, make a statement and tie a whole outfit together. To keep your jewelry options fresh and innovative, anywhere in the world, here’s a rundown of six current jewelry trends you can try on: Tiaras Pixabay French designers put a crown atop many of their looks for 2016. […]

Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends – What Are We Seeing

As soon as spring breezes and flowers give way to summer heat, your wardrobe will take a slight shift, too. Tees give way to tanks, and gaucho pants give way to shorts. Even jewelry gets sleeker during the summer months. Don’t let heavy baubles weigh you down when warm weather hits. Instead, add a simple […]

6 Things You Should Know Before Buying High-End Jewelry

There are certain things you can’t get away with when you’re a grownup, and you have to face the truth: it’s time you invested in some grownup jewelry!  It’s totally normal to still have those favorite fun and funky pieces you may have found while thrifting, but purchasing even one top-quality piece of jewelry that […]

Accessorising Your Outfits With Pearls

Not everyone loves pearl jewellery as it can be quite classic and posh, not really fitting in with the fashion trends of the moment. However, I want you to know that accessorising your outfits with pearls couldn’t be easier. Not only does it give you a chic appearance, but it adds a feminine touch too. […]

Exclusive Interview With Ammunition Jewelry

I’m really excited to share with you this exclusive interview with Ammunition Jewelry on fashion blog, The Fashion Supernova. They have such unique necklaces, made from bullets and crystals, that I was fascinated and captivated by them the moment I saw them! I love that they are charitable as well! Definitely check out the Q&A […]

New GEO Collection from STORM

There is a brand new collection from STORM that has just launched, entitled the ‘Geo‘ collection and it’s gorgeous! It features the Mizzan watch and matching jewellery, in gold, rose gold and silver. I think the architectural shapes in this collection are fantastic, especially the ring and necklace with the triangular domes. The other necklace, […]

Choosing The Right Jewellery For Summer

Some people think jewellery is multi-seasonal and for absolutely everyone at any point in the year, which some pieces absolutely can be, however, there are quite a lot of jewellery pieces that are seasonal and should be worn for Summer or Winter specifically, due to the weather. For this jewellery blog post, I’m going to […]

Celebs Love Pearl Earrings

Pearl jewellery has been popular for centuries, usually being associated with the rich and upper class due to their price tag, however as the years have gone on, more and more are opting to wear pearls on a daily basis. Pearl earrings ooze that sophistication and classiness that so many ladies want to achieve in […]

Swarovski Crystal Beetle Collection

I was recently browsing on the Swarovski website and I came across this amazing Beetle collection. People aren’t usually fond of bug jewellery, but I definitely am. A lot of my ring collection is made up from animal and bug pieces and I do have a bright blue beetle ring that I got a long […]

Caia Jewels by Chiara Ferragni

Popular fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, has branched out even further and launched her own jewellery collection called Caia Jewels. It’s a 25 piece collection made in Los Angeles and designed entirely by Chiara. The pieces tell a story and are actually quite statement making as you can see. Caia used to be Chiara’s nickname as […]

Romeo & Juliet Jewellery by Swarovski

The sumptuous new film adaptation of Shakespeare’s tale of forbidden love, Romeo & Juliet, which was released in the UK on 11th October, is the first feature film from Swarovski Entertainment, the new film division which builds on Swarovski’s 80-year involvement in the film industry. The new Romeo & Juliet is directed by Carlo Carlei […]

Initial Reaction Jewellery

Initial Reaction Jewellery is a brand that I recently found out about. They combine really sweet necklaces in either metal or acrylic, with your initials on, hence the name, Initial Reaction. I think this play on words is really cool and the pieces are definitely unique! I’ve included some information from the press release just […]

DoDo Royal Baby Charms

As you know, I am a big fan of DoDo jewellery and I am also a big fan of the Royal family, so this little collection really caught my eye! DoDo has released a selection of 4 charms in celebration of the arrival of Princess Kate and Prince William’s baby very soon! I put the […]

Hipanema Summer Bracelets

Hipanema recently became popular over the past few months and they are a brand that I am very fond of. Everybody loves to wear multiple bracelets on their wrists, so Hipanema creates that look, but within one bracelet! As you can see, there are multiple friendship style braided bracelets, as well as metal and beaded, […]

DoDo City Charm Bracelets

DoDo has just released some really cool charm bracelets! They feature the names of cities in little charms along with the iconic DoDo bird charm and heart. You can choose from Roma, New York, Paris, Milano and London. Which one would you pick? I’m a huge fan of DoDo as I love their quirky displays […]

Olivia Palermo Models The Carrera y Carrera Collection

The ultimate fashionista and one of my favourite fashion icons, Olivia Palermo, debuts the Carrera y Carrera collection for the third year in a row. Olivia, known internationally as one of the most stylish celebrities, models with perfect elegance the new Carrera y Carrera collection, Tesoros del Imperio. Authentic works of art worthy of a […]

Celebs Love Tahitian Black Pearls

The growing trend in jewellery is to opt for Tahitian Pearls for a modern twist on a classic. The Tahitian pearl, which is actually almost black in colour, completes many of the celebs demure styles at events, like the beautiful Anne Hathaway, Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie and Christina Ricci. I think this is a wonderful […]