Try It! The Sexy New Playsuits We’ve Gone Silly Over

I always associated playsuits with my younger years, when my mother would make me wear one in summer whenever we were headed to the swings or to the beach, but nowadays, I see the playsuit as the go to clothing item whenever I want to exude effortless style as the streets, the red carpet and […]

10 Unique Winter Coats For Women

10 Unique & Different Winter Coats For Women With winter fast approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to light sweaters and breezy cardigans. Now it’s time for boots, hats, scarves, and yes, coats! While the puffy marshmallow look was popular in the 90’s, a trimmer, sleeker look is gracing the shelves again this year. Let’s […]

10 Hot Leather Style Jeans For Winter & How To Wear Them

10 Hot Leather Style Jeans For Winter Winter is almost here in most parts of the world, so that means it’s time to dress for the weather. Of course, nothing rhymes with weather better than leather. Here are 10 pairs of leather pants, some real, and some faux, while some only look like leather, but […]

How to Look Like a Fashionista While Traveling/Flying

How to Look Like a Fashionista While Traveling/Flying It’s the trip of a lifetime and you know you want to be ready for the camera as soon as the plane lands. You also know that you could be walking a mile or more in the airport to reach your boarding gate. How do you balance […]

5 fashion industry realizations from working in Paris

Ahh Paris, the city of love – or lights whichever you prefer. I have pretty much been living here my whole life so to me, it represents a fast-paced city where people are busy, overwhelmed and don’t seem to be able to get enough of that precious gift we cannot possess: time. But working in […]

Timeless Prom Dress Styles that Will Still Look Stunning in 2016

It’s your extra-special day and you want to make sure everything is perfect. A girl’s prom is an important time in her life and if you are anything like me, I started the hunt for the perfect prom dress about a year before the actual prom! It’s a big decision to make; after all it […]

How To Incorporate Trends In Your Personal Style

How to incorporate trends while staying true to your personal style Developing a personal style can be quite a tricky business. If you’re anything like me you often turn to Instagram, Pinterest, or fashion blogs for inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration can lead to rather…unfortunate additions to your closet, however. I went through a phase where […]

Be A Tigress This Summer

Prints have been a staple in terms of trends throughout the past few seasons. Runways and store windows have seen an abundance of flora and fauna, geometric shapes, lines and more. Much of these prints have been present during the cooler seasons, and summer is one of the best times to get your print on! […]

7 Beach Look Tricks To Flatter Your Body

Choosing from so many options… Hey! Wanna look hot at the beach but don’t have a perfectly trained beach body yet? No Problem! Let me share with you 7 tricks to flatter your body and get that beach body look. It’s about using the right pieces of swimwear that put your body in the right […]

Fashion Trend Sneak Peek: Autumn Winter 2015

Before I start with the article I really want to let you know that I am not tired of summer yet! It hasn’t even started and I am already looking at autumn… Please don’t judge me. I know that all the fashion lovers are as curious as I am to see the new trends. So […]

Ways To Wear Coachella Style Fashion Everyday

We love Coachella fashion: the flower crowns, fringe, crochet… We look forward to the fashion more than the actual shows! Celebrities, fashionistas, and hippies alike all come together to enjoy the festivities and show off their boho style. And the style, is on point and a little outrageous too! So although it’s totally fine to […]

My Lingerie Experience at Debenhams

I was given the opportunity by Debenhams to try their Bra Fitting Service offered in all of the stores. I visited the Bath Store and was approached by a lovely young lady called Lillie Shipp, and I asked her if I could please be measured to check my size. I was taken into the fitting […]

6 Dresses Perfect For Summer

Summer is almost upon us and it’s time to do your dress shopping! There are so many different style dresses out there for different body shapes, which is what makes dresses the number one go to choice for the warmer weather. There’s literally one to suit everyone! For this post, I have put together 6 […]

8 Retro Swim Trunks For Men

Summer is in full swing which means it’s time to get some new swimming trunks guys! I’ve rounded up a list here of 8 retro swim trunks from Oiler and Boiler which look amazing and current at the same time! There’s a style for everyone, ranging from longer length to speedo style and prints from […]

5 Men’s Graphic T-Shirts For Spring

Guys, Summer is the time to really go bold with your outfits so why not choose something that’s printed? Men’s Graphic T-shirts can come in all varying forms, showcasing bands, game or cartoon characters, rappers, singers or graffiti, so there’s an option for everyone! I’ve rounded up 5 of the coolest graphic tees from Tru-Designz […]

Exclusive Interview With TRIANGL Swimwear

I got the chance to catch up with Triangl, the premium swimwear brand, to see what inspired them to start the company, what designs they love and more! I think their bikinis are gorgeous as I love the use of colour and lines that they use on the neoprene, not to mention everyone from celebs […]

5 Must Have Pieces For Summer

5 must have pieces for the summer What is the best thing about versatility? Well, you can make infinite number of combinations from the finite number of pieces. And this is the exact thing we are trying to do: to show you five basic pieces you can combine together to get a variety of looks. […]

Bra Styles Every Petite Woman Should Own

For women with small breasts, choosing a bra that is comfortable, appropriately supportive, and a good match for a specific outfit can be more challenging than it is for women with average or ample chest sizes. Here are some things small-chested women should keep in mind before moving on to choosing bras in a particular […]