LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 10

Here is the 10th installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. I can’t believe I am on ten already! Last time I chose looks of the same style, but this time around I went back to choosing four different outfits. The first one above is one that I love because it involves skinny jeans and […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 9

Here is the 9th installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. Instead of varying the styles I choose, this time around I picked 4 of the same looks; pretty, colourful and feminine dresses, each paired with heels and an adorable bag! The difference between these outfits though are the colours. Each one features a different […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 8

Here is the 8th installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. As you know, I like to feature a various mix of styles within each post so that there is a look for everyone. I particularly love the photo above, I think the red dress is absolutely stunning and looks really good in the jumping […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 7

Here is the 7th installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. I featured a good mix of styles again, from edgy, more punk inspired looks to girly goddess dresses and simplicity in-between, I think there is a look here for anyone. I can take fashion inspiration from anywhere; the streets, magazines, blogs, shops and even […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 6

Here is the 6th installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. I’m really enjoying doing these as fashion inspiration is something that I think many of us find interesting and of course, inspiring. I like to keep the inspirational looks that I find different from each other, so I have a colourful and very casual […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 5

Here is the 5th LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration post featuring 4 of my favourite looks from the website. So many of the bloggers, models and people on there have such amazing style, it’s really hard only narrowing my fashion inspiration photos down to just 4 each time I make these posts! I’ve chosen a mix of […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 4

Here is my 4th installment of the LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration series. I’ve also included a male look this time as I love his style, it’s always very classic, but tailored and fashionable! I’ve also chosen two denim looks and a beautiful red dress. Some of these outfits are truly amazing don’t you think?

LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspiration 3

Here is the third installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspiration posts. As you know by now, it’s a place that I love to browse as often as I can to see what people are wearing and how differently each person puts their looks together. It’s an amazing place for fashion inspiration and there are some […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspiration 2

Here is Thursday’s installment of LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspirations. I have chosen 4 looks from the site which caught my eye and I think are beautiful. One thing I love about LOOKBOOK.nu is the fact that it brings people (from all around the world) together through fashion. Some of the outfits I see on there are […]

LOOKBOOK.nu Outfit Inspiration 1

Every Monday and Thursday, I will be posting 4 looks from LOOKBOOK.nu that I find really inspiring and love! I am always scanning through the site to see what outfits people are coming up with and what pieces look pretty, so I thought I would share some of my favourite ones with you! The name […]