4 Celebrities Share Their Favourite Skin Care Products

When you are a celebrity, money and accessibility to the latest and greatest beauty products and treatments are not a problem — the world is your medicine cabinet. So what do A-listers choose as their go-to holy grail products? I did a little research, and matched up four major super stars in their 20s, 30s, […]

7 Summer Beauty Essentials

With the Summer season fast approaching, getting your makeup bag in check can be an vexatious task, especially if you have no idea what products you really need. This reason, is why I decided to compile my summer essentials to give you an idea on which products are actually necessary, and which should be put […]

HOW TO: Contouring & Highlighting

Contouring and highlighting is the perfect process for those looking to add a bit of definition back into the face after applying a flat colour of foundation. By contouring, you are emphasizing the natural shadows of the face and by highlighting, you are complimenting the contour by enhancing the more pronounced areas of the face […]

Concealers – 3 Of The Best To Use

Concealer is a beauty essential that can brighten up a tired face, cover up unsightly sunspots, blemishes and take away the appearance of dark under eye shadows. I could simply not apply my make-up without using a concealer. There are so many to choose from, so it can take a while to get that perfect […]

5 Cool Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2014

With summer approaching and almost here, you’re probably looking to get a fresh new cut. The heat and activity of summer demand a simple haircut that looks good at the beach, summer festivals, and in the town. Check out these mens haircuts for the latest trends and pictures of 5 cool men’s hairstyles for summer […]

Emma Watson’s Best Short Hair Looks

From her sleek and chic faux bob to that pixie cut, Emma Watson is a hair beauty. Ever since Emma cut up her hair a couple years ago, she instantly exuded a high degree of fashion. But even at an early age, young Hermione (Emma Watson) knew how to look pretty on the red carpet […]

How To Get Statement Lips That Last

Everyone absolutely adores having brightly coloured lips, but making that colour last is sometimes impossible! I know from experience that I can make my lips really vivid and perfect at home, only to find that about half an hour later, the colour is wearing off, especially if I have eaten, it’s generally game over! So, […]

Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles With Full Bangs/Fringes

When it comes to hairstyles, there’s nothing I love more than checking out what the celebs are doing and one of my favourite looks is a full fringe/bangs. If you have the right face shape to pull it off, you can work a full fringe perfectly and it can be the best thing you ever […]

How To Find A Hairstyle To Suit Your Face Shape

I know that most of us tend to choose our hairstyles by looking at what’s in fashion or what the latest celebrity trend is, but really, our first consideration when choosing a new style should be our face shape. Here’s my guide on how to choose the perfect style for you, whether your face is […]

Top 10 Braided Celebrity Hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles, I often find myself inspired by celebrities. One of the most popular trends for the Spring and Summer is braids or plaits, so I thought it would be a good idea to put a post together showcasing my top 10 celebrity braided hairstyles! I’ve chosen a mixture of celebrity braided […]

Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System Review

The Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System was sent to me to try. I have never ever tried teeth whitening kits before, only teeth whitening toothpastes, so something completely new for me. The kit contained the Gel Brush on Pen, 2 Lip Guards and the LED light. It is great for those that are on a […]

Liz Earle Skin Care – My Must Haves

I have loved Liz Earle probably since its launch in 1995.  I have tried other brands and products in between but always, always go back to Liz Earle. Receiving a package from Liz Earle is like Christmas for me, several times a year, ha ha. Plus, they are so kind and generous they always pop […]

5 Common Hair Issues Solved by Redken Stylist, Jenny Balding

As a Salon, Fashion Week, & Editorial Stylist with over 18+ years experience, Cutler/Redken Stylist Jenny Balding has shared how you can overcome the five most common hair issues! With her advice below on lack of volume, damage control, dulling hair, split ends and wanting healthy hair, you can definitely make the right steps to […]

5 Natural Beauty Tips For Radiant Skin

The beauty industry is a multi billion dollar industry, with creams, lotions, potions and more which are all claimed to make your skin look more youthful, brighter and radiant. I’m not saying these don’t work, as some of them actually do, but what I am saying is that radiant, glowing, healthy skin comes from within. […]

3 Of The Best Dry Shampoos + What Is A Dry Shampoo?

Dry Shampoo can come in the form of a powder, foam, or a dry spray on product that you apply to the roots of your hair. It is a substance used to clean hair without having to wash it at all.  They can be a quick fix if you haven’t got the time to wash […]

15 Beauty Gift Ideas For Mothers Day + Exclusive 20% Off!

Mother’s Day for us here in the UK is fast approaching (Sunday, 30th March) so it’s time to do your gift shopping! Since I know that mum’s often love beauty treatments, creams, make-up and anything they can put on their skin as they love pampering, I put together a round up of 15 of the […]

How To Curl Your Hair With Hair Straighteners & Make Them Last

Hi my name is Julie and I run a beauty blog over at JustJulie. Lorna recently asked me if I would like to create a guest post centred around hair for The Fashion Supernova and I of course jumped at the chance. In my job I’m constantly asked the question, “how do I curl my […]

What Is A Primer? Do We Need A Primer?

When I was younger, I had never even heard of a Primer, let alone used one! I would always just moisturise and put foundation on straight after, unaware that there was another step to take. Ever since I had a sample to try of a primer thought, I have not looked back. They really do […]