5 Beauty Tips to Hide That Jet Lag

Traveling is all kinds of exciting, with the opportunity to explore a new place, meet new people and get a break from your regular routine! However, one of the less exciting things about traveling is the almost inevitable jet lag. After long hours in airports and in planes, your excitement to explore the new place […]

Jewelry Trends Around the World

Jewelry is an easy way to create style, make a statement and tie a whole outfit together. To keep your jewelry options fresh and innovative, anywhere in the world, here’s a rundown of six current jewelry trends you can try on: Tiaras Pixabay French designers put a crown atop many of their looks for 2016. […]

Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends – What Are We Seeing

As soon as spring breezes and flowers give way to summer heat, your wardrobe will take a slight shift, too. Tees give way to tanks, and gaucho pants give way to shorts. Even jewelry gets sleeker during the summer months. Don’t let heavy baubles weigh you down when warm weather hits. Instead, add a simple […]

6 Things You Should Know Before Buying High-End Jewelry

There are certain things you can’t get away with when you’re a grownup, and you have to face the truth: it’s time you invested in some grownup jewelry!  It’s totally normal to still have those favorite fun and funky pieces you may have found while thrifting, but purchasing even one top-quality piece of jewelry that […]

7 Stylish Summer Road Trip Essentials

7 Summer Road Trip Essentials to Take You Cross-Country in Style Leaving your home behind to embark on an epic cross-country trip means you can’t take all of the comforts of home with you. You’ll only have limited space in your car, and if other people are going with you, you will have to make […]

6 Eye Makeup Trends For Spring 2016

It’s time to be bold! The eye makeup trends for Spring 2016, dare you to be stand out and be seen. It isn’t about looking like a clown, instead it’s about well placed color, shimmer and shadow that will freshen up your look. Here are the 6 trends for this season: Blue Stare Newest-makeup.com Wearing […]

7 Luxurious Travel Destinations For Fashionistas Guide

7 Fashionable Travel Destinations + What To Do While There A fashionista’s vacation is about more than just a break from the every day — it’s about being on the pulse of what’s trendy. And, just as fashion goes in and out of style, so, too, do the hot cities and countries that draw and inspire […]

How to Add the Perfect Amount of Spring Fling to Your Home & Style

You’ve spent months bundling up to face freezing temperatures so, when the snow finally starts to melt, it’s a call for celebration. One way to do so is to warm up the inside of your home as the same thing happens outside. Springtime decor might conjure images of overly floral schemes in old-school pastel colors, […]

Top 5 Beauty Products You Should Have in your Bathroom

Top 5 Beauty Products You Should Have in your Bathroom Winter: the worst time of year for most people’s faces, hands, feet, and hair. Basically, it’s a head-to-toe fight, where we battle things like dry, cracked knuckles, frizzy hair, and dry – then oily – skin. It can be a challenge just to get through […]

The Top 7 Winter Accessories You Can’t Go Without

The Top 7 Winter Accessories You Can’t Go Without Winter is upon us, and this year, you’ve made it your goal to not look like the Abominable Snowman in stilettos, slipping your way down the sidewalk. There is something to be said for mastering the art of warmth and style. And while you may think […]

10 Unique Winter Coats For Women

10 Unique & Different Winter Coats For Women With winter fast approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to light sweaters and breezy cardigans. Now it’s time for boots, hats, scarves, and yes, coats! While the puffy marshmallow look was popular in the 90’s, a trimmer, sleeker look is gracing the shelves again this year. Let’s […]

How to Style Your Home According to Your Fashion Sense

Your home is a reflection of yourself. Until your house looks and feels like you, it tends to lack that something special that really makes it home. Find your style, and let it lead you to making your home feel like home. Modern If you’re a chic fashionista, you already know it. Runway looks and […]

How to Look Like a Fashionista While Traveling/Flying

How to Look Like a Fashionista While Traveling/Flying It’s the trip of a lifetime and you know you want to be ready for the camera as soon as the plane lands. You also know that you could be walking a mile or more in the airport to reach your boarding gate. How do you balance […]