Why is Christmas Such a Popular Time to Propose?

Christmas is without a doubt a really popular time to pop the big question, but why?

Facebook revealed that Christmas Eve is the most popular day to get engaged, with couples most likely to update their relationship status to ‘engaged’ the night before Christmas. Chillisauce also did a survey of 10,000 men and discovered that a third of them think Christmas Eve is the perfect time to propose!

Here’s the top reasons why we think Christmas is the best time of year to reach for that diamond ring!

1 – It’s the most romantic time of the year

Christmas is without a doubt a really romantic season. There’s a sparkle in the air and there’s definitely something magical about the glittering season – romance at its best!

2 – It’s all about family and love

Christmas is a season for family and those you love. If your bride-to-be is close to her family this time of year is the perfect way to include them in your special moment. Plus everyone is already full of cheer and ready to celebrate!

3 – You can be really creative with your proposal

There are so many creative ways to propose at Christmas! You could go for the box-inside-the-box-inside the box trick, write it in the snow, pull a cracker together, use the Christmas decorations… there’s too many to list!

4 – Christmas is a time for surprises

Christmas is so magical and anything can happen! It’s a time that’s filled with surprises and as she’s so distracted with all the festivities going on, this could be a surprise she definitely won’t see coming!

Have we convinced you that Christmas is the perfect time to propose? Now all you need is a ring!

Laings of Glasgow have been part of romantic Christmas engagements for over 175 years and this is the perfect place to find the right ring for your proposal. Found in the glittering Argyle Arcade they’re experts in all things engagements! Visit Laings UK to find your perfect diamond engagement ring.

Are you planning a proposal this Christmas? You definitely won’t be alone!

Author Bio: Kirsten is a highly competent writer, who loves sharing her thoughts about fashion, jewellery, home decor, lifestyle and a wide range of other topics. She has been working at Laings of Glasgow for a couple of years now and keeps on providing the necessary knowledge to jewellery lovers through her blogs and articles.

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