10 Red Carpet Hairstyles Trending in 2016

Straight Hair

This year you could say goodbye to those curling tongs and grab out those straighteners, the straight sleek look is back in. Celebrities have been rocking the wet look straight hair, which instantly gives elegance and class. Who would believe a style so simple would be so out there!


Just like everything else 90’s, front Whispies are back in this year. This has been circling the celebrity world and I must say looks great. Depending on the style and length of your hair all you need to do is pull out the front two pieces – although there are some simple rules to make sure it stays within the trend.

Long length – Make sure you pull out a few thinner parts of hair as if they have fallen out naturally from the wind otherwise it can look a bit weird when your hair is all one length.

Mid-length – If you’re brave enough to give big front Whispies a go, you can get away with this looking trendy, if you wear your hair high and up, i.e. space buns.

Layered – With layered hair, you can get away with pulling out a nice chunk of Whispies with it looking great as it will naturally be shorter at the front from your layers and look like it should be there.

Short length – Make sure you grab the Whispies from the parting at the top and not from the sides or you may end up looking like your ponytail has just come undone.

Top Knots

Top knots have been seen a lot this year, not just from people throwing their hair in a messy bun because the weather’s cold and they are late for work, but also on the red carpet by many celebrities. Pinning up a sleek and neat top knot gives a stunning classy style.

Half up Half Down

A lot of celebrities this year have been rocking this style, including Rihanna and Emma Watson. They have shown us some fabulous half up half down hairstyles from neat and tidy to contrasting flowing curly locks – having half up can make the world of difference to your style. Here are some ideas of different half up half down styles currently trending.

Asymmetry – A nice deep side parting with backcombed roots to give this half up half down ponytail the red-carpet look.

Top Knot – A top knot is a great way to break up a boring normal ponytail.

Framing Stands – Teasing your hair with more volume at the top of your head will make a lovely contrast with curly locks.

Medieval – Easy style, twist the end of your half up, pin it and you’re ready to go.

Bangs – Most people choose to sweep their hair away from their face but why not try a trendy fringe to frame you face.

Braid half updo – Two French braids at the top to create a half up half down style with a twist.

Beachy Waves – The easiest way to create this type of wave is to sleep in some braids the night before.

Image sourced from YouTube User – Talissa Tossell


Lobs are one the biggest haircut/style of 2016, a designer bob. High Five to the cut that suits every hair type out there, finding the balance between short and long, to give a trendy, easy to maintain style.

Space Buns

Space buns are the craze of 2016, starting as a festival style hairstyle which has rocketed off as a 2016 trend. It is simple, two high buns on top of the head produced in many different variations including; messy, plaited, neat, big, small, plaited and big, twisted… the list is endless.

Image sourced from Nina stark

High Smooth Ponytail

Skip the messy ponytail this season, it’s all about the glossy, slick-back version, which will show off your eyes and cheekbones. Celebrities are even adding in extensions to add volume to that high ponytail. Kylie Jenner is a great advocate of this hairstyle.

Image sourced from Luxy hair


Bangs are becoming very popular and can be worn in many different styles. Bangs is another word for a fringe but instead of being heavy and bulky its feathered and soft.

Delicately parted bangs – to bring out your eyes.

Curtain bangs – to let your facial features take center stage.

Messy Bangs – casual, easy going look.

Image sourced from YouTube user – Sazan Hendrix


You don’t have to be a princess to wear a tiara in 2016, many celebs are wearing them down the red carpet and doing their styles justice. Nicole Kidman recently wore a beautiful tiara which complemented her simple, parted, sleek up do, she really showed us how it’s done.

Finger waves

This style originates from the 1920’s and has found itself back on the red carpet this year. It is such a classy, beautiful style and very different to the current hairstyle trends – everybody loves to be different and find something new.

Image source from YouTube user – Kayley Melissa

Author Bio: Francesca Jaques is the author and editor of Hairday. Beauty therapist by day and writer by night. She reviews every hair product available, finding the best of the best and giving you all the tips possible to make life easier for you. For hairstyle ideas, tips and reviews, you can find them on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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