5 Practical Items Every Man Needs for Autumn


With the days getting shorter and the chill settling in, it’s time to really start thinking about your autumn closet. Putting away the t-shirts and layering on sweaters and jackets is becoming more and more common – however, this needn’t mean compromising on style!


Body Warmer

Perfect for the cold weather, body warmers should be an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. This piece of clothing is versatile and highly practical, as it allows you to move your arms freely – it’s not surprising that many men choose to wear it, whether in the market for regular or large men’s clothes. Also, the body warmer is perfect should you wish to wear multiple layers underneath, but don’t want to feel too bulky. Your arms will also never overheat, which makes body warmers one of the most popular options when the chill arrives.



An essential item for the cold weather, no piece of clothing seems to be as adaptable as the sweatshirt. You can wear it with virtually anything, including jeans and scarves. You don’t have to stick to dark colours either. Take this season as an opportunity to play with bright colours, such as oranges and reds.

Sweatshirts are also roomy enough that you can wear anything else you want underneath. Layers tend to be the best option in autumn and winter, improving your chances of trapping heat, so it’s important that the clothes you choose allow room for undershirts and tees.



Jackets are perfect for the outdoors, whether you’re going for a walk or travelling to your workplace. Dressing for autumn can be a tricky art to master, so choosing a reliable coat or jacket that keeps you warm and trendy at the same time can be challenging.

Just as with body warmers and sweatshirts, it’s vital that your jacket allows you to wear layers underneath. Just as important is the quality of the materials, the freedom of movement it gives you and how good you feel while wearing them.



With the weather growing colder every day, and winter just around the corner, protecting your head against the chill becomes a necessity. Contrary to what you may think, beanies can be super stylish items; they have been part of trendy men’s closet for many years, while being practical.

Beanies come in many colours and patterns and offer a versatility that can match your unique style. While it’s not exactly true that you lose more body heat through your head, as you were probably told growing up, the truth is that by protecting your head against the chill with a beanie you’ll feel much more comfortable during autumn – and fashionable!



No wardrobe is complete without a formal blazer. The weather in autumn isn’t usually consistent, as the season is well-known for its meteorological uncertainties – sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s warm (ish!).
So when thinking about business attire for work, or even business casual, it’s vital to pick out the right blazer for your needs; something that can be easily shed when it’s warm or kept on if it’s too cold – and look good at all times! The importance of this piece, therefore, should never be underestimated during the colder seasons.

Autumn fashion is diverse, but there are certain items that every man should have in his wardrobe. All of these pieces of clothing should be chosen with the increasingly cold weather in mind, as well as how good you look when you’re wearing them!

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