Steal Her Celebrity Style


Ever coveted the look of celebrities from afar, surmising that you would probably never be able to afford to replicate their style? Well, it’s time to stop being disheartened – it’s really easy to replicate A-lister’s looks at a fraction of the price, if you know which designer boutique or online designer boutique to shop at. Here we break down the key style components of your four favourite celebrities.

Victoria Beckham

Once famed for body-con dresses and corseting, VB has got demure with age. Her latest designs are said to have come around after experimentation’s with fabric and how it fits and flows. What does this mean? Well, a complete style transformation and the resurrection of culottes. To replicate her signature style, think of monochrome; a dark bottom and a white blouse (often paired with a black sleeveless sweater). Just last year we’d have insisted you pair this look with heels but, only recently, Victoria has thrown away her scrapers in favour of trainers (yes, trainers) and with it sparking a massive trend known as sports luxe.

Miranda Kerr

What is not to love about this mum of one’s style? The star, who is famed for stating “I believe to be successful at anything you have to give it a 100% commitment and that is what I still do to this day.”, gives even dressing off-duty her full efforts. In fact, it’s her dressed-down style that has earned her the status of a serious fashion influencer. To get Miranda’s look invest quick smart in a fail-safe pair of trousers (like Robell trousers) and a leather or khaki jacket. With these two staples you can work to interchange elements like Breton stripe tops and leopard print shoes (or, better still, clash and wear them both at the same time).


Kate Middleton

Much more classic in her approach, Kate has been deemed by critics as playing it too safe. On the other hand, her advocates say that Kate is perfectly on-point for her role and a fantastic ambassador for British brands. To channel Kate’s style the starting block lies in the perfect pair of jeans – Kate favours J Brand but you can shop the high street for similar styles if you make an effort to seek out skinnies in dark washes (avoiding any unroyal ripped details). Similarly, like Miranda, Kate is also a fan of Breton tops in both white and navy stripes and white and black, which she wears everywhere from Polo matches to Waitrose (true story).

Amal Clooney

A more difficult one to pin-point since Amal is a bit of a chameleon. Despite her initial chic appearance, underneath her groomed exterior, Amal actually likes to take some epic fashion risks – from wearing trousers on her civil wedding day, to rocking leather skirts. The appeal of Amal lies in edgy looks one day, prim and proper (and in the court room) the next. To challenge Amal’s look, don’t be made to box your style in – feel free to wear a two-piece coordinating skirt suit one day, and then break out your leathers the next. You’d be in very good company.


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