Facial Gua Sha With The HAYO’U Method


I have been learning with The HAYO’U Method for a few months now, and what I have experienced and learned has astounded me. I was a person that really would never give the time of day to alternative methods and relied solely on branded products that we see daily. The Facial Gua Sha with The HAYO’U Method will transform your complexion from the first use, like it has with mine.

It’s incredibly easy to do and fits in with your life and daily routine with little effort. It is scientifically proven to improve the surface circulation of blood which you will see in my before and after photo’s. Gua Sha purges toxins by scraping the skin with the facial tool, drains lymph and enables nutrient supply. I go over each area of my face 8 times and take this down to the neck as well. I use firm quick strokes, but when I first started I was much more gentle, you will learn what is comfortable for you as you use this method more. Katie’s video will show you the correct way to do this.


I got sent the Beauty Restorer Gua Sha Facial Tool along with the Treat-Rite de-stress facial oil. I cleanse my face then apply the facial oil which is infused with lotus flower, lemongrass and frankincense, it also has palmarosa oil known for its anti ageing properties. I then use the tool as Katie instructed (you can watch her video here). The facial tool is made of Jade and perfectly shaped to glide over all the contours of the face. It’s an easy press-stroke action to draw toxicity and tension out. I have been doing this method every evening for 10 days now and the results are amazing!


I have always asked Katie “What do you use on your face? What foundation are you wearing?” and she was not wearing any foundation at all,  it was purely the results from this amazing method. My skin is plumper, rosy, glowing, dewy, and feels and looks more alive. I had been noticing my complexion becoming a bit duller before, which I naturally expected for being 50, and thought oh well it was just part of life and there’s nothing I can do, but how wrong I was!


This treatment and routine will stay in my life for ever. I have found I need less make-up because my skin looks so healthy. The smell and texture of the oil is absolutely lovely, so soothing and relaxing to apply, I look forward to my evening facial routine. And this routine takes 1 minute to do, a very short time for a lifetime of amazing skin. I cannot recommend this enough, and will be forever thankful to Katie and The HAYO’U Method for taking time out of her busy schedule to show me this method.


– The Fashion Supernova

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