How To Pull Off A Quirky Bow Tie At A Wedding


When it comes to choosing a wedding outfit everyone wants to look their best and many will go to great lengths to find the perfect ensemble. While traditionally it was the women who spent hours agonizing over the perfect dress, shoes and accessories, it seems that many gents want to make their outfits stand out at weddings too.

But jazzing up the suited and booted look can be tricky, especially if you want to steer away from the usual shirt and tie look. So why not be brave and don a quirky bow tie for the occasion? The Bow tie has never really gone out of fashion, but recently their popularity is gaining and they’re fast becoming a hot men’s fashion accessory. So maybe it’s time to jump on the bow tie band wagon and make it more of an everyday accessory than just a Black Tie & Tux affair.

The choice is yours of whether you go for patterned, brightly coloured or themed, but before you plump for any old design, there are definitely a few considerations to bear in mind to make sure you can pull off that quirky bow tie. You want to look dapper and suave rather than a kid’s entertainer from the eighties.

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The key to successfully pulling off a quirky bow tie is ultimately confidence. If you wear it with pride and show you’ve got the attitude and confidence to make a bold fashion statement then people will naturally give you respect for it. In contrast, if you’re constantly fiddling with your bow tie or trying to cover it up, the whole look you’re attempting to emulate is completely lost.


As with most fashion statements the colour you choose is incredibly important. With a bow tie, don’t be afraid to go for bold colours that you would normally shy away from. The whole point of a bow tie is to make a statement, so unless you’re restricted by a certain colour scheme, move away from the pale shades and step into the bright.

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Shirt Colour

While you’re deciding on the colour of your bow tie, don’t forget to factor in the shirt colour too. You don’t want these to look mismatched or the impact of the bow tie to be lessened by a loud shirt. A simple and effective choice is to go for a light plain coloured shirt, which will give you plenty of scope to embellish it with a quirky bow tie and as a rule, if you’re wearing a heavily patterned shirt, keep the bow tie simple with a plain colour that complements the shirt.


When you’re choosing the bow tie colour, don’t forget you’re not just limited to block colours, you can add bags of panache to your wedding outfit with a funky patterned bow tie. These work great with plain or simple patterned shirts and are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. Just make sure if you’re the groom it meets the colour scheme approval as you don’t want to get married life off to bad start.

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Choose a real bow tie

If you really want to pull off wearing a quirky bow tie at a wedding don’t do things by halves. Invest in a quality bow tie that looks the part, ideally making sure it’s a real one not a clip-on one. While the clip-ons are invariably easier to negotiate, you can add extra street cred to your wedding outfit with a proper bow tie you learnt to tie yourself.

Stick to these rules and you should easily be able to pull off any quirky bow tie you want at a wedding, or any other occasion for that matter.

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