How to Achieve a Kylie Jenner Pout


Kylie Jenner’s lips have taken the world by storm. From her huge social media following, to her incredibly successful lip kit empire. But how does she do it? Here are some of the tips and tricks to achieve a pout that would make Jenner proud.


The Kardashian / Jenner’s basically brought contouring to the forefront of the makeup world, and Kylie has consistently professed her love of the technique, but did you know she contours her lips?
The process is pretty straightforward: use some white lip liner in the centre of your lips, blending it in before applying the matte gloss or lipstick of choice, and finally line the lips with a subtly darker shade to complete the look.

The result should be the illusion of fuller lips with minimum fuss. It’s perfect for both contouring experts, and those who are only recently getting to grips with the whole thing.

Lip Liner

Kylie loves her lip liner so much that she’s gone out and made her own. Indeed, Jenner has regularly professed her love of the liner, and if you follow her on Snapchat, you’ll know that it’s a key part of her lip regime.

But how much does she use? Going by her tutorials, Kylie overlines the lip slightly, enough to give the illusion of larger lips without looking like you’re heading to clown school.

She also uses a slightly different shade to her lipstick or gloss. The liner is usually only slightly darker than the stick, and allows for the rim of her lips to really stand out.


Matte Lip Stains

Matte is back, and it’s the go-to product for pout perfection. Not only does it stay on all day, but it also comes in a variety of tones that complement the wearer perfectly. Again, Jenner has made no secret of her love of matte, from stains and lipsticks to glosses, she seems to use them all.

According to Kylie, the trick is to layer your matte products to create the perfect blend. According to her, there’s no one perfect shade, instead the trick is to blend shades together in order to find one that suites you.

Nude Tones

Darker tones may be in, but that doesn’t mean they’ll give you the Jenner pout. A quick look through Kylie’s Instagram page will support the theory that she’s a fan of nude tones, and it’s fair to say that her lips look at their fullest when she goes beige.

Besides being harder to apply, darker tones have a flattening effect on your lips as deeper hues will ruin your attempts at plumping the pout.

Another tip from Kylie’s bank of knowledge is to avoid settling for one shade of nude. There’s a wealth of variety out there, and just like any colour, it’s about finding one that complements you.


Lip Tingle

Kylie may be a fan of lip fillers, but if you aren’t quite ready for that step, there are glosses that plump up your pout by producing a slight tingling sensation when applied.

It may be temporary, but it offers both a glossy finish and an enhancing effect without cosmetics. Although, Jenner is known for her love of temporary lip fillers, so perhaps this could be the starting block for bigger things.

There you have it, a guide to the perfect pout, thanks to the Queen of lips herself, Kylie Jenner.

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