5 Fall Essentials You Can Wear From Your Summer Wardrobe

As the summer is slowly dwindling down (someone has to say it), transitioning into cooler weather makes it hard to interpret what you can and can’t wear into the fall. So you don’t look like a literal hot mess, follow our guide on some pieces that can easily transition from the summer heat to fall nights.



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I know what you’re thinking, “How am I supposed to wear shorts when it hits 60?” A tip from the get- go: layering is your best friend. At the beginning of the fall, you’ll be able to pull off a long sleeve shirt with shorts and be comfortable. When it gets cooler, though, you need something extra to put on unless you want to be carrying a blanket with you everywhere. Stick with a pair of simple neutral, dark- colored shorts and layer tights underneath for a chic and comfortable outfit. The darker colors will give off a fall vibe, sheer leggings are breathable, and shorts will keep your legs cool.



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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, layering is the best tool for fall. Depending on how late it is in the fall, you can layer thin or thick leggings underneath any dress or skirt appropriate to the temperature. Venture into fun printed leggings for a more eccentric outfit or stick with chic, classic colors like black, beige, and navy.

Tee Shirts


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If you aren’t a huge fan of graphic tees, you might be reading the wrong blog. Fashion can be totally comfortable, and there are ways to make a t-shirt look even more amazing than they already are. For a casual outfit to school, wear a knit cardigan over your tee with a simple pair of jeans. If you are going out somewhere at night or just feel particularly hardcore that day, throw on a cool leather jacket for a look that is both sleek and edgy.

Tank Tops


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A summer article just as easy as a t-shirt is a tank top. If you’re unfortunate enough to go to a school or work in an office with a malfunctioning air conditioning/heat system like I am, knowing how many layers you need is a daily struggle. “Do I need my parka today or just a bralette?” is a question that pops into my mind quite often when I’m deciding on outfit options during the tricky fall weather. To keep it safe, layer a thin sweater or a button- down shirt over a tank top as a base layer. Then, you can add layers (or take away) as needed. Utility jackets, leather jackets, and wool coats are all options for additional layers that will keep you cozy and fashion-forward.



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Whoever told you that sandals aren’t acceptable with long pants is wrong. Just because we’re going into a different season doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your strappy shoes. I mean come on, until you have kids, aren’t shoes just like your babies anyway? Flat sandals are great for school, and wedge sandals or heeled sandals are perfect options for work or a special occasion. If you want the height without being formal, wear heeled sandals with a pair of distressed jeans and a blouse.

What else do you wear in the fall that you wear in the summer, too? Let us know in the comments below!

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