How To Build a Killer Wardrobe Without Going Broke

We all wonder how women with a killer wardrobe manage to do so without going broke. We assume they must come from a certain level of wealth that is simply beyond our reach. While in some cases this may be true, for the vast majority building an enviable wardrobe is less about how much you can spend and more about how good you are at choosing what to spend on.

Most women think by staying on top of trends, and buying them whenever possible, they are more likely to gain that killer wardrobe they have been dreaming of. When, actually, the goal should be learning how to develop a signature style so your wardrobe is a balance of items you can love forever with the addition of a few new trends each season that flow with the signature style you have created for yourself.

To help you get started on your journey to great style, here are 5 tips and tricks to build an enviable wardrobe that won’t break the bank:

1.) Spend Less on Trendy Items Everyone Else is Already Wearing

Once a trend is adopted by most women, unfortunately, it means the trends life span is getting shorter. For this reason, choose to spend less on trendier items that are already favored by the masses since it will soon be a trend of the past.

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2.) Be Fashion Forward

Contrary to the first point, by adopting trends early (before everyone else is wearing them) you can spend a little more than usual since your purchase will last beyond one season. One way to learn about trends earlier on is to follow top fashion bloggers and celebrity trendsetters such as Rihanna on Instagram. They receive new designer pieces that turn into the hottest trends before they are re-done by all of the fast fashion retailers such as Zara or H&M. By learning to be fashion forward you get to extend the usage of your purchases – making the most of your money and style. Hint: Oversized outerwear is a forward trend of the moment.


 3.) Wear Accessories

This is common advice, but important, especially when shopping on a limited budget. Accessories give life to the most basic outfits. Build a solid collection of earrings, bracelets, rings, scarves and sunglasses. Best of all, accessories can be found more affordably than other items on your shopping list making them a top priority for developing a killer wardrobe.


4.) Shop Higher Quality Store’s Sale Sections More Often

This is important, scoring more higher quality pieces when possible increases the likelihood your clothing will last, making it a wise shopping choice for both your style and your money. Take time to shop the sale section of better quality stores more often (in store or online), especially when on the market for bottoms, outerwear, handbags and shoes. When you invest more in these categories they elevate your entire look. I personally use Shop It To Me, they send you a list daily of items on sale from your favorite retailers.


5.) Have a Solid Selection of Pieces that Never Go Out of Style

Don’t forget about your basics! By basics I mean t-shirts, jeans, button down shirts, pencil skirts, tailored pants or blazers. These items never go out of style and are crucial to a killer wardrobe since you use them as the foundation for most of your outfits. I would say 70% of your wardrobe should be comprised of basics to make sure you are working on developing a signature style that looks to trends as the accents and not the main pieces to complete your style.

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Were these tips helpful? Which one will help you the most? Leave in the comments below!

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