BB And CC Creams Are Your Summertime Friends


More than 90% of the populations visible skin changes are usually associated with aging of the skin caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It is necessary to add sunblock to your daily morning regimen to prevent this. It sometimes feels like it’s nothing to worry about, but if ignored, your skin will undergo premature aging. You should protect your face from both the UVA and UVB rays. Some of the safest protective mechanisms are the baseball cap, sunscreen and sunglasses. Your skin needs to maintain its condition regardless of the changes in the environmental conditions. But one thing that really helps is BB and CC creams to protect your skin in the following ways:

1. Protects the skin against UV radiation

Your skin is the outer surface of the body and needs to be protected against the incoming ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet radiation is responsible for premature aging of your skin. Skin aging is evident by the conditions such as the appearance of wrinkles on the face and hidden sun spots, but we always strive to look younger. The creams can keep the skin hydrated, UV protected and healthy even when exposed to the sun.

Clarins Sunscreen Multi-Protection is ideal to protect you as you sunbathe. It has a SPF 50.

2. Moisturize the skin

BB and CC creams keep the skin moisturised, however sometimes your skin may feel sticky and appear greasy if you are using the wrong one. Make sure you choose a lighter one that doesn’t clog your skin during the heat and if it has a tint to it, even better!

3. Improves the skin texture

Your skin can either have a smooth texture or rough texture, this can be influenced by changes in environmental conditions. When the skin is exposed to the sun, it develops a rough texture. These creams will help your face by not only protecting the skin against ultraviolet radiation but also keeping your skin texture supple and soft.

4. Enhances uniform skin tone

The skin as a result of its exposure to the sun develops different skin tones. This contributes negatively to the general beauty of your skin in return. During the application of BB and CC cream as a sunscreen for your face, the skin tone will be kept uniform as it contains a complexion correction. Thus giving the skin the beauty it deserves.

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Daily Moisturizing Lotion acts as both a sunscreen lotion and as a moisturizer. It helps avoid the heavy moisturiser during the hot summer weather.

5. Suitable for sensitive skin

Different people have different skin types. Some people have skin which is very sensitive to changes from environmental conditions. When you are wearing skin protective cream, you may develop counter reactive mechanisms. Thus, the products being used need to be suitable for sensitive skin. Make sure you choose wisely and pick a BB or CC cream that suits you.

6. Prevents ultraviolet spots

When the face or body surface is exposed to the sun, it develops dark spots. The spots are usually darker than the surrounding areas and can be visible. This can make you feel self conscious as it can be prominent. Your face is the center of beauty and therefore when sun spots appear, it can be upsetting. These creams can help prevent the ultraviolet spots and therefore contribute to the general beauty of your skin. You always feel better when your skin is susceptible to ultraviolet spots when you use sunscreen for your face.



Your skin is the most sensitive outer surface of our bodies and contributes greatly to so many factors affecting us. It naturally provides you with protective mechanisms to your internal organs, but moreover it is the center of beauty. In this regard people have to take care of their skin. BB and CC creams can help your skin maintain its young condition. They will also definitely add a glow and keep your skin hydrated. Purchasing the relevant product for your skin care gives you the best results, so make sure you choose the right BB and CC creams for your complexion with a high SPF in them. Creams without SPF are useless, so take care of your skin.

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