Three Ways To Up-Cycle Your Summer Look

I write a lot about new fashions, new accessories I’ve bought and the latest trends, but I’ve never really gone over fashion up-cycling ideas, and summer is the perfect time to re-work what you already have.

Whether it’s the perfect accessory to tie everything together, or giving something mass-produced a unique twist, I guarantee that these three tips will help you to stand out on the beach this year. No matter where you’re headed, it pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve if you aren’t able to go out and grab a new wardrobe.

Add statement jewellery and stand out


You might not be able to rush out and pick up a beautiful beaded dress for your next summer outing, but you can certainly re-vamp a simple summer dress by adding the right jewellery. For a maxi dress with a scoop neck, a brightly coloured statement necklace will do just the trick. Try to go with the right colour pairings though; for example, coral clothing will be complemented perfectly by an Aztec-inspired turquoise and gold piece.

Bangles, bracelets and anklets are another great idea, as they add an elegant touch of glamour to any summer outfit. If you like things to be more eye-catching, then you should take a look at a charm bracelet from ChloBo; there are so many styles, metals and stones to suit all tastes, you’re bound to find one that charms you!

Add a unique touch to your handbag


Wherever I go, there’s always that worry of going to dinner and seeing someone with the same outfit as you. One way that you can guarantee this won’t happen is by customising your fashion to suit your unique taste. Seen as we’re on the subject of charms, have you ever thought of adding one to your latest handbag purchase?

It will make a high street item instantly stand out by making it personal to you too. You could take a piece of costume jewellery that you don’t wear any more but still love, and give it a new purpose. Or, if your plain shopper seems too simple, why not add a beautiful silk scarf in an edgy and bold print? If you’d like to try fashion upcycling, click here for more ideas.

Add some glam to those plain outfits


A lot of people seem to think that you have to be a seamstress in order to re-work your outfit, but some additions can be just as simple as they are effective. If you have a skirt that’s too long but you adore the print, hitch it up underneath your arms, add a glitzy, contrasting belt and turn it into a dress for the beach.

If your plain, black maxi is looking a bit bland, you can easily pick up some sew-on beads from a local haberdashery and give it a new lease of life. Add that new charm bracelet and you’re ready to hit the town.

I hope you found these tips useful on customising your summer look. Do you have any more tips?



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