8 Summer Jewelry Trends

As we bask in the summer sun, the hottest in 40 years, our wardrobe and jewelry box, both take a turn towards the colourful. This means our blues, yellows, reds, pinks and other colours are out, as we match them to our ensembles, attune them to the harsh sun, and moisture and match the vibrant colours that nature greets us with. This summer, lets look at some of the emerging trends in charms and jewelry.

1. Handcrafted


Handcrafted jewelry is the new Exclusive. As we see more and more “elite” pieces being flaunted, consumers are looking for one-of-kind jewelry and handcrafted pieces are mostly singular, unique and designed specifically for one unit.

2. Good Luck Charms

Good Luck Charms

The age old good-luck-charms never seem to fade away. And this season, they seem to be here with a bigger bang – celebrities like Heidi Klum and Lindsay Lohan are flaunting it. The four-clover leaf and evil eye seem to be the favourites. There are also more exotic choices like the dandelion and nimbu-mirchi, small charms that can be attached to a chain, bracelet or anklet and paired with any attire.

3. Success Spirit Stones


The big emerging trend this summer is the ubiquity of the Spirit Stones. Charms with this particular spirit stone are quite the rage – simple, elegant and meaningful; these charms can be bought for any occasion. From wishing success, peace, happiness and more, wear a spirit stone as a reminder that good things are coming your way.

4. Gold plating


With the price of the yellow metal reaching sky high, the trend of plating gold over pure silver has caught on in a major way. It is light, versatile and can be worn even under a harsh bright sun. The tiny gold plated earrings that match the fauna of your picnic place? Or thin plated chains with matching pendants? That’s what consumers are opting for this season.

5. Yoga and Lifestyle


As we make a more conscious move towards living sustain-ably, healthy lifestyle choices are a must and this shows in the jewelry we wear. The flaunting of pieces that best reflect our lifestyle choices is a big story. Yoga is a power mover here with many choosing to display their affinity to the health routine by incorporating the same in what they wear.

6. Oversized large stone earrings

Large Earrings

The Oscars this year paved the way for oversized, large jewelry pieces which have become significant and can be seen as part of many pop-culture images. No red carpet is complete without large stone earrings which really give such depth to a costume – makes a bold statement, and often highlights the face much more.

7. Charm bangles


Charm bangles are the new peppy thing this season. Tell your story, flaunt your choices on your hands – the thin bangle with a choice of charms is the new mantra. Personalised and quirky, young and expressive, these bangles often come with a set of charms or you can add them on your own – creating your own story.

8. Trendy anklets


As shorts and skirts replace longer winter clothes, the flashy anklets are back and they are quite the rage. Those simple beaded anklets or those with some flashy design, charm anklets or heavy stoned ones to match your shoes; there is a whole wide range to choose from.

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