The Choker Trend: 6 Stylish Ways To Wear It

You wore it as a token of your 90’s baby coolness as a kid, and man is it back. As part of the nineties’ big return, the choker has been making its way to our Insta feeds, closets, and sartorial cogitations. “How do I style it?” you say? Glad you asked – here are 6 super-stylish ways you can rock the choker, direct shopping links included. Ahem, thank me later.

1. Geometric & chic

choker trend artsy

Spicing up a monochrome, minimal and fitted silhouette has never been easier. Throw a bold, structured choker in the mix and watch your look go 0 to 100. #realquick

To accentuate its impact, simply wear your hair away from your face in a slick bun/ponytail or tucked behind your ears. Shop them here.

Photo from The Fashion Tag

2. Easy bandana


Two trends, one choker (see what I did there?). Add a little edge and flair to a casual, laid back outfit with a bandana tied around your neck. And if your look includes jeans you are golden: as conveniently illustrated above, bandana and denim were basically made for each other. Shop them here and here.

Photo from Tommy Ton

3. Day to night string


A choker you can wear casually (e.g. with an oversized denim jacket as below), or more dressed up – with a white shirt and deep plum lips. You can also switch things up and wear it tied in the front, with a simple knot or in a bow. All in the versatility, baby. Shop them here.

Photo from Manigazer

4. Double trouble

twinsies choker

When it’s that good, why not throw in another one? That is my thought process for croissants, but @alexcloset below is showing us it also works with chokers. Hashtag motto, hashtag life lessons. Shop them here.

Photo from Alex’s Closet

5. Minimal bandeau


The bandeau choker works wonders with open necklines (strapless or off-the-shoulder tops, open shirts, etc), and adds a touch of subtle sophistication to your look. Tired of black chokers? Try the gray, deep red and white versions of Kendall’s necklace. Shop them here, here and here.

Photo from Vogue Spain

6. XXL Leather


The extra large choker covers most – if not all – of your neck for a dramatic, insanely edgy effect. Vanessa rocked this leather piece over a black turtleneck, tastefully combining simplicity and boldness. Like a boss. Shop them here. So, what’s your take on the choker trend? Tell us below.

Photo from The Haute Pursuit

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