7 Clothing Essentials For Family Summer Camping

With the summer season just around the corner more and more families are preparing for their vacations. If you happen to be planning a thrilling outdoor adventure for your family, be sure to pick up the essential sports and clothing gear. Whether you’re out camping in the forest or spending a lazy couple of weeks on the beach, these are the seven essentials for the kids and yourself.

1. A Fleece or Light Sweater

A zip-up fleece or light pullover is exactly what a kid needs to stay warm in mild temperatures. They also work perfectly as an extra layer to be worn beneath a wind-breaker or waterproofs if the weather cools down or it starts to rain. Zip-up fleeces tend to be the easiest to take on and off in changing weather, and you can also leave them open to keep the body temperature just right.

2. Waterproof rain suit

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy fun activities when you’re soaking wet. As all parents know, too much time in the rain often leads to a cold. This is why a waterproof rain suit is an absolute essential for kids on the move, especially if they happen to be travelling to rainier destinations.

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3. Caps

When the sun is out it is important that kids have the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather, but also that they stay protected from harmful UV rays. A cap will both keep the sun off your kid’s face as well as out of their eyes. Caps also happen to be a lot more durable than sunglasses, making them the best choice for an active family.

4. High UV protection vests

If your family have decided to head to the beach or lake for your holiday, then consider buying up a UV protection vest, which kids can wear during their long days in the summer sun. These vests protect against sun burn and other damage the sun does to the skin.

5. Walking coats

For the most part, on a summer vacation you won’t have to worry about bringing clothes for cold weather, but it is always good to be prepared. If you happen to be hiking, camping or heading somewhere temperate, it’s best to have an external layer like a walking coat that will keep your kids cosy.

6. Sandals

Kids enjoy wearing clothes that they see their parents wear, so instead of bringing them to the beach in shoes, buy them a pair of flip flops. They’ll feel just as relaxed and at ease as you do.


7. Trainers

When on an active holiday there’s nothing worse than discovering you need new shoes, so consider buying some trainers before heading off on your next adventure. Make sure you wear them in a little beforehand. Otherwise you might end up having to deal with blisters.

While it may not be everything you want and need, these seven essentials are sure to help you and your kids enjoy an exhilarating summer together.

Images by Honza Soukup and arenagroove, used under Creative Commons license.




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