Jewelry Trends Around the World

Jewelry is an easy way to create style, make a statement and tie a whole outfit together. To keep your jewelry options fresh and innovative, anywhere in the world, here’s a rundown of six current jewelry trends you can try on:




French designers put a crown atop many of their looks for 2016. Yes, I’m talking about the jewelry of royalty. Two Paris, France based fashion houses, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, put this regal finish on looks walking down he fashion runway. It’s not pretty princess jewelry, instead the designs are unconventional and delightfully weird, reminiscent of the grunge era of the 90s.

Try a crown on for size, pairing it with a casual outfit or something more formal. If Courtney Love can pull it off, so can you!

Body chains

body chains


First spotted on catwalks in New York this year, the metal is wrapped around hands, shoulders and waists. The chains are draped across the body with lots of slack to them. Calvin Klein even put one around one of his minimalist-designed satin slip dresses. This jewelry trend is being donned by many in the US. The Stateside music festival, Coachella was filled with them.

You can pair the body chains with your beachwear, or an airy summer look. The chains tend to go best with a bit of skin showing.




Platinum is popular in the UK. Look no further than the 2016 Oscars for proof of that. British actor Cate Blanchett was adorned with earrings, a starfish cuff and a ring all in platinum.

But away from the United Kingdom, the material is gaining popularity worldwide because of platinum’s purity. Unlike some gold and other metals, platinum is naturally hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin or people with allergies.

Platinum has major star power and brings glamor to any outfit. You can pair it with an evening gown or wear it when you’re dressed down. In fact, many couples are opting for engagement and wedding bands made of the metal because it goes so well with a variety of fashions.


pearls 2


The effortlessly classic pearl never seems to go out of style. Audrey Hepburn wore them in the 1960s, Madonna rocked them in the 1980s and now Rihanna is layering them atop her outfits.

The timeless piece of jewelry is also now cropping up in Japanese designs. Japan-based Chitose Abe, founder/designer employed pearls in his 2016 collections for the ready-to-wear label, Sacai. The label from Tokyo teamed up with jewelry designer Sophie Bille Brahe to create a 10-piece fine jewelry collection, which featured many pearl elements.


choker necklace


Close to the neck is in for many Italians this season. With headquarters in Vicenza, Italy, the Bottega Veneta fashion house featured many necklaces that were small and tight to the throat. Also Italy-based Valentino chose to add chunky chokers to their women’s collection.

This is another 1990s inspired trend, with necessary updates. You can pair a choker with a simple t-shirt or with something with a little more of a revealing neckline.


 off centered necklace


Italy is also spearheading another jewelry trend — an unbalanced look. Milan-based designer Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini opted to send models down the catwalk with only a single earring on his fall 2016 collection. This lopsided look has links to punk culture and brings an edge to your look.

It’s the perfect time to wear your favorite earrings which you lost one of the pair. It is a great excuse to get some mileage out of the orphan jewelry. It also allows you to not overpower an outfit with loud earrings. By only wearing one statement earring, you’re giving it the spotlight but not presenting a clutter or busy look.

Don’t feel compelled to only stick with the trends popping up in your country or part of the world. A benefit of how small the internet has made our whole world is that you can borrow fashion trends from all across the globe. When you pick-up a look from Paris, Milan, Tokyo or London, it still translates and registers in your hometown. Take a chance, try on a new jewelry trend from anywhere in the world and see how it suits you.

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