Has Smart Gone South? The Revival of the Traditional Time Piece


It’s official, Britain is a “smart” society! The last four years has seen our daily lives be infiltrated with technology at an alarming rate; with 66% of UK adults now owning a smartphone, compared with just 40% in 2012. Not only has the number of smart phone users gone up, but the number of hours we spend staring at the screens has increased too, with the average user spending nearly two hours each day engaging with their smart device. Though, we haven’t just stopped at smartphones, since the March 2015 launch of the Apple Watch we’re now not just carrying devices, but wearing them on our wrists, all at the same time! So what does this mean for traditional style? Are we really abandoning our traditional timepieces in favour of wearable technology?

Has Smart had its day?

When Apple first launched their smart watch, they sold an eye watering 8.8million of them, with an estimation that over half of all smart watches sold that year were by the technology giant, with Android lagging behind with just 10% of the market share.

So after the launch, what happened? A recent study has shown that the trend of wearables is continuing to grow, with over 750,000 smart watches being sold in the last three months. Though there is still an aversion to the adoption of these devices. Common answers when consumers were asked about their dislike to smart watches included:

  • Their phone does everything they need – 33%
  • They don’t understand why they need one – 27%
  • Smart watch functions aren’t useful to them – 29%
  • They don’t like the way they look – 13%

Why the Wrist Watch Lives on

For those who haven’t yet traded their Omegas for Apples, there probably isn’t going to be much that could convince them. Smart watches were not made for the gentleman who already wears a luxury time piece, they are aimed towards the tech and trend obsessed consumer who do not yet see the benefits of crafted timepieces. So what are some benefits of a traditional wristwatch?

Craftsmanship & Quality

Mechanical watches have survived as a style statement for over 500 years due to their special nature, often a horologist can take months to craft the perfect analog watch. Today we come to accept our technology devices will break, and ultimately be replaced by another faceless replica, but investing in a quality watch will allow you to enjoy it for years.

Generation Game

Our possessions deplete every year thanks to the increase of technology stripping us of objects we can hold in our hands, or wear of our wrists, as the case may be. With the future of heirlooms looking bleak it’s time we took control back. By investing in a luxury, crafted watch you will not only be able to enjoy it personally for years, but will be able to pass it down to your loved ones as a both valuable and invaluable heirloom. The gift of money can often leave little comfort to those who have lost a relative, but carrying a watch will be a precious daily reminder of those who have passed away. This ethos has remained popular with watch manufacturers for years, with watch giant Patek Philippe’s motto being the thought provoking “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.”


Step Away from Tech

Today where it seems all our products have amalgamated into one super-product, it’s refreshing to look down at your wrist and see one item that does just one job perfectly. Studies show that 34% of 25-34 year olds have felt overwhelmed by the technological based lifestyle we live. Adding a smart watch to your growing number of technology pieces can only exacerbate this growing issue. Using a traditional watch as your time source means it has little chance of losing its battery compared to its technologically advanced counterpart and you will not be tempted to check your emails, social media accounts or text messages when all you ever planned to do was check the time. 82% of people in a recent survey expressed they found those who use devices in social situations are detrimental to the conversation, do you really want to be that guy?

Showcase your Style

Often men’s accessories are miniscule in comparison to the choice women have, by bucking the technology trend and investing in some true craftsmanship you are able to showcase your style in a unique way, compared to the robotic style trends smart watches plan on us swallowing. Your watch has the ability to communicate your personality without the use of words, you can be sporty, luxurious or simplistic and change your wrist watch to suit whatever occasion you’re attending. Newly engaged? A recent trend has been for the fiancé to gift her partner with a luxury timepiece, what better occasion than this so pick out the watch you’ve always dreamed of.

The Future without Technology

Today we all live incredibly busy lives so utilise reliable watch repair and servicing companies that operate by post meaning there will be no inconvenience to your schedule if your timepiece was to break, or needs servicing, compare this to the nightmare of getting your tech fixed and you can see why the wrist watch is still holding its place firmly in the market. Committing to a high quality wrist watch separates you from the technology obsessed youth, and brands yourself as a modern man, committed to investment and certain style a watch wearer evokes. A traditional wristwatch allows you to be removed from the suffocation of technology, ensure an heirloom for your loved ones and establish your unique style, away from the masses.

Author Bio: Suzanne Vallance is copywriter for Repairs by Post, from Glasgow, Scotland. With roots in Fashion and Marketing she has combined these skills to create a career writing about style, branding and marketing.

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