5 Ways To Wear Girlfriend Jeans

You’ve probably heard of boyfriend jeans, but girlfriend jeans might be a new premise in the world of denim. The question is, how do you actually style them? Girlfriend jeans are essentially what you would have referred to in school as ‘ankle swingers’. Worn fitted around the waist and hips, they then become looser and straight legged and finish just above the ankle. They’re basically a better looking, better fitting version of the Mom or boyfriend jean. Here are five ways to style a pair:

With a loose t-shirt and heels

oversized shirts

Heading out for date night? Even if it’s just down the pub, throw on a casual loose fitting t-shirt (wear your boyfriend’s to really play up to the latest trends), pull on the girlfriend jeans and a reasonably comfortable pair of heels for instant glam. You could also turn them up at the bottom and then pull on some ankle boots, if high heels aren’t really your sort of thing.

With a chunky knit

Chunky Knit

These jeans are the perfect casual companion and great for throwing on with your comfiest high neck knit on cooler days. Opt for a ripped pair for an edgier look and wear them with ankle boots or sports shoes – pointed flats are also a good call and add a sophisticated touch to the look.

With an oversized button up

oversized button up

Oversized shirts are a go-to for those into fashion who want to adopt a casual but stylish look for the day. Tuck your button up into your girlfriend jeans, finish off with a neck scarf – trust us, these things are going to be popular with everyone come spring – and find somewhere to go to show off your look.

With even more denim


Double denim isn’t something to shy away from – people are even dyeing their hair the shade of their favourite pair of jeans now – so when it comes to styling your girlfriend jeans why not pair them with even more denim? We’re loving denim crop tops, denim shirts or just a normal denim jacket worn over a basic tee to create this look.

With a crop top

croptop jeans

Great for the summer months, whether you’re heading off to a festival or just chilling in the hotel bar in the evening while on holiday, crop tops just aren’t going away anytime soon and work perfectly with girlfriend jeans. This is because the denim is relatively high-waisted, so you’re just baring your midriff with this sort of ensemble.

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