Top 4 Fashion Pieces To Look For In A Thrift Store

Shopping at a thrift store is the easiest way to save money on clothes. It’s also a great way to reduce consumption and reduce your environmental impact. Yet not many people have the ability to find good pieces that will fit right in their closet. Some clothes may be too faded or worn. Some may even be just plain ugly. So what do you do to find good fashion pieces in a thrift store? Here’s what you should look for:

Vintage pieces

Every fashion-conscious woman knows the value of vintage clothing. A high-quality vintage piece can cost as much as couture from today’s designer runways. Thrift stores are the best places to find them without shelling out hundreds of dollars. But why buy pre-owned items over brand new ones? Setting aside the cost factor, these vintage pieces are usually made better, more durable, and with more attention to detail. What’s more is you won’t spot anyone else wearing the same ensemble.

So how do you detect vintage items? The first indicator would be the tag. Most clothing companies started to outsource production only during the eighties. So if there’s a “Made in USA” tag, it’s likely that the item was made over thirty years ago. You should also look out for items with a union label. This is an indication that the item was made by a union, like the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union.


Source: Labor Rights are Civil Rights

This doesn’t mean you just grab the first vintage item you can find. Examine it and see if there are any condition issues. Are there any stains, snags, or tears? Is the fabric in good condition? If it’s ill-fitting, is there a possibility of altering it to fit? Some pieces may just be impossible to alter. So take care to consider all these factors before you invest in a vintage find.

Statement pieces

No matter how much of a minimalist you are, every woman needs a few statement pieces in their closet. Maybe a gorgeous faux leopard fur jacket from the eighties. You could wear this with an all-black outfit or some other fashion basics. What about a dramatic skirt that you can pair with various looks?


Source: Glam Radar

These are just examples of what statement pieces to look for in a thrift store. You could look for items that fit your style choice. Maybe a dash of color here and there would work just fine. If you’re not into bright colors, look for pieces with a dramatic design.


You’ll never know what you’re going to find in a thrift store. Most thrift stores have a massive collection of jewelry and other accessories. The best part about buying secondhand accessories is that they’re usually unique. Since a lot of them look more expensive than they really are, you have that to your advantage as well. This makes thrift stores ideal for finding classic accessories and whimsical baubles.


Source: Jewels Globe

Look for vintage brooches, belts, rings, and statement necklaces. You could even find quirky watches and bracelets. Check out their handbag and shoes collection as well. You might be lucky enough to find classic and well-made pieces that you can wear for years. You could even find costume-worthy pieces like clown shoes or cowboy boots. These will be perfect for a Halloween costume.

Fashion basics

Think t-shirts, denims, and button-downs. You might be willing to spend a bit more on fashion basics that you can keep wearing with different accessories. But what’s the harm in buying them from a thrift store? You can often find brand new items with the tag still on. Otherwise, look for items that seem barely worn and are still in good quality.


Source: Masha Sedgwick

It won’t be surprising to find awesome band tees from the eighties and nineties. These can be worn casually or dressed up with midi skirts and pumps. You can also look for a well-fitting pair of jeans in a style that suits you. Maybe a pair of flared jeans in a color that looks current. If there’s a pair of baggy jeans that need a bit of alteration, that could work too.

You now understand what kind of fashion items you should look for in a thrift store. Just make sure you go for pieces that are similar to today’s latest fashion trends. What do you look for when you shop at a thrift store? Anything you want to add to this list? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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