5 Spring Trends That Aren’t Going Away

Now that the weather is finally warming up a bit, it’s time to start wearing some of Spring’s biggest trends seen around the world. Many of these trends you’ve seen before, which is a good thing. It means that these trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so you should be safe for the next few seasons. Don’t get us wrong, we are all about discovering new trends, however you don’t want to invest in an outfit only to feel completely dated after a few months.

All of these trends seem to gravitate towards the whole nineties trend that we’ve been seeing for a few seasons now. In our eyes, it’s all about modernizing the “grunge” way of wearing these looks and also updating silhouettes and simplifying your outfit.


As seen in Japan and Belgium by Akikaslovecloset and Simply Sinaii, this overalls trend has been around for a while now, but has evolved into a much more tailored and modern silhouette. Back in the day it was all about the baggy leg and skin tight top underneath, but now it’s more about keeping it classic with sneakers and a striped top.


Aikaslovecloset.com  JAPAN


Simplysinaii.wordpress.com – BELGIUM


The slip dress is another trend that was quite popular in the nineties. Bloggers Juliette from Poland and Kiki Petite Style have kept the trend pretty authentic pairing  a white tee and lacey ¾ sleeve top. Both have styled with chunkier sandals or combat boots. Both silhouettes are modern as opposed to the more shapeless version worn circa 90210 days.


Madamejulietta.blogspot.com – POLAND


Kikipetitestyle.com – Toronto


Who can forget the days of baby pink…remember Baby Spice? It seems this muted pastel is back in a big way, especially if you’ve been scrolling the Lookbook feed lately. These two lovely ladies from Russia and Poland have styled the trendy color two different ways. While Alina in Switzerland has paired her baby pink duster with a lace camisole and sneakers, Skinny Liar in Poland has tripled up her pinks in a monochrome head-to-toe outfit.


Bonsoir-cherie.ch – Switzerland


Skinnyliar.com – POLAND


It seems everywhere you look there is an influential blogger wearing sneakers.  It almost seems like everyone has replaced wearing flats with sneakers. Larisa from Romania has basically subbed out her flats for sneakers with an otherwise very classic ensemble. But pairing her blazer, basic white tee, and classic handbag with sneakers as opposed to flats, makes this look more very modern and effortlessly cool.

Viktoriya from Turkey also has styled her otherwise very classic belted dress with some cool sneakers and she’s even sporting trend #3 – baby pink!


Themysteriousgirl.ro -ROMANIA


www.tiebow-tie.com – TURKEY


This is by far our favorite trend of the season.  Both classy and feminine, the off-the-shoulder blouse has been seen everywhere. The great thing about this trend is you can easily take it from day to night because it’s so subtly sexy. If you haven’t noticed, the erogenous zones for women frequently change, and now is the season for the shoulder and collarbone. Both of these bloggers exude a modern and sexy look without looking like they are trying too hard.  A win-win trend!


Thegirlfrompanama.com – USA


Meagansmoda.com – ITALY

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