10 Stylish Men To Follow On Instagram


The explosion of Instagram since its launch in 2010 has been phenomenal. With 400 million active users it has far surpassed Twitter’s 320 million, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing up any time soon. Fashion bloggers and brands alike vie for your attention with visually impressive photography, making it a daily inspiration hub for any stylish man.

But with this wealth of accounts available, how do men pick out the best accounts to follow? Here at The Fashion Supernova we have done the hard work for you. We have carefully curated a list of the most stylish and fashionable men to follow on Instagram, weaning out duds and showcasing the most well-dressed men to inspire your daily wardrobe choices.


Johannes Huebl


A model/photographer/shoe designer and one half of a fashion power couple with his wife, Olivia Palermo. Johannes will give you a daily insight into his busy life. From candid couple shots, behind-the-scenes photoshoots, and front row fashion show attendances, this whirlwind of a fashion account will leave aspiring fashionistas envious.


Daniel Rhone


A former Topman stylist, Daniel is now helping to style the customers of London store Selfridges as a personal stylist. Men take note of Mr Rhone’s ability to go Savile Row inspired one day and trend-led casual the next, without losing any sartorial points. Regular readers of fashion blogs, will no doubt recognise him as a stalwart of London Collections: Men street style pictures.


Andreas Weinas


As Executive Editor of the Swedish fashion site, Manolo, you would think Andreas knows a thing or two about fashion. Well you would be right. Gentleman be inspired by some great suiting and colour combinations that will have you impatiently waiting for his next post.


Fabio Attanasio


One half of the suiting pioneers ‘The Bespoke Dudes’, Fabio will expertly showcase how Italian men dress. He has written the book The Italian Measure and co-founded TBD Eyewear. So you can trust him to bring you great craftsmanship within his clothing, whilst adding a dash of sprezzatura.


Bruce Pask


Just because men get old, doesn’t mean they should stop caring about the way they look. The Fashion Director of Bergdoff Goodman will show the older gent that you can still embrace trends and keep your love of clothing despite the advancing years.


Adam Gallagher


It isn’t hard to see why Adam Gallagher aka iamgalla is so popular. His expertly shot photographs, outfit styling and locations have helped this blogger reach a fantastic following of 1.7m. Try not to get to jealous as you join him on his daily New York life and beyond.


Brian Sacawa


Brian Sacawa is not your typical musician. The immaculately presented man from Baltimore is a hub of men’s knowledge and expertise. His site He Spoke Style covers everything from how to pack to how to dress the occasion. Brian’s Instagram on the other-hand will showcase his editorial photography set to a backdrop of some fine American architecture.


Matthew Zorpas


Matthew Zorpas on paper seems to be living the most luxurious lifestyle a menswear blogger could lead. His photography includes everything from New York city streets to the golden sands of Brazil. Join him as he travels the world, taking you along for the ride.


Anthony Urbano


Anthony Urbano offers men a slightly more laid-back alternative to others on the list. His style is a modern take on American classics, that will show men how to include key statement pieces in their daily outfit choices.


Brian C


A man that lets his outfit do the talking. This account is less about the self promotion of a blogger or stylist, and more about an ethos from a man to record his daily outfit for his followers. Using creative photography, Brian uses different angles to shoot his clothing. Thus giving a fresh prospective on how outfits can be styled and worn.

Author Bio: Sam Brady is founder and editor of the menswear site A Gentleman’s Row. AGR is a hub of men’s fashion knowledge, expert articles and opinions. The aim is to give men the wisdom and skills they need to dress, act and live their life like a modern gent.


  1. Nice to read about 10 STYLISH MEN TO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM

  2. Nice to read about 10 STYLISH MEN TO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM

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