5 Upcoming British Streetwear Brands for Men to Look Out For

When most people think of streetwear, casual, comfortable fashion springs to mind with its roots in skate, surf and hip-hop culture. Many modern British streetwear labels, however, are doing their best to show us at the moment that it can also be incredibly stylish. Whilst practicality is still highly valued, most streetwear designers don’t shy away anymore from incorporating feminine elements or experimenting with other subcultures. Here at The Fashion Supernova, we’ve selected 5 upcoming British streetwear brands for men that do things a little bit differently and are bound to get huge over the next couple of years!

GFN Clothing


Good For Nothing is a Manchester-based urban streetwear label that was launched in 2011, and has been growing ever since. Proving that streetwear doesn’t have to be casual and discrete, their latest Awakening Collection experiments with the bold and seems to have drawn its inspiration from a Jackson Pollock painting. It features monochrome prints beneath their signature butterfly embroidery. According to their own saying, the butterfly symbolises taking a humble beginning and ultimately creating greatness, so we sense great things in store for the brand in 2016!

Sebastiaan Pieter


Streetwear is often associated with masculinity and looking tough, but London-based designer Sebastiaan Pieter refreshingly breaks with the tradition by giving his designs a much-needed androgynous twist. His Fall 2016 collection includes a few cheeky nods to gay culture by referencing ‘cruising’, the act of roaming the bars and streets looking for love, yet his leather jackets and hooded sweaters still make his designs very manly and easy to wear.



Comütor is a luggage brand from London that specialises in creating nylon, minimalist backpacks. Their designs can’t be more contemporary as they were inspired by the daily London commute on the tube, which is reflected by the streamlined, low-key aesthetics of the backpacks. They’re also extremely practical, which makes them ideal for the urban traveller.

Arcane London

streetwear 2

With a third collection on the way in just one year, Arcane London is quickly making a name for itself in the world of urban fashion. Their current collection features reworked garments with distressed detailing that transcend time and culture. This gives their clothes a vintage feel, yet their designs are also surprisingly comfortable, contemporary and suitable for all seasons.

Underground NOX


Underground is a sneaker brand originally hailing from Manchester. Launched in the 80s, the brand witnessed the emergence of various subcultures, including new-wave, Madchester and grunge. Their Creepers and Steel Cap Boots are worn by youngsters all over the world, but to stay at the forefront of innovation, the label has recently come up with a new shoe specially designed for us millennials. Their hybrid platform sneaker Nox is inspired by the digital representation of the movement of sound, is gender neutral and bound to be loved by punks, hipsters and gym rats alike!



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