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So you want to be successful in your business. You look at the entrepreneurs around you and think that in order to succeed, you have to be just like them.

After all, they’ve already pulled it off, so if it works for them it must work for you right? Oh, if only it were that easy! So often we’re told that we should study the people who’ve already triumphed and they will show us how to thrive in the business world. But this approach ignores one vital piece of the puzzle:

You are your own brand.

Sure, it may seem that the best thing to do is copy the people who’ve pulled off the difficult task of making a business succeed or rising to the top in their own particular field.

Look for mentors, we are told, and do what they did. Be like Richard Branson or Donald Trump (yes really – we may love to laugh at his weird hair but there’s no denying he’s made a lot of money!).

But ask yourself this: would Branson have a string of successful businesses without his cheerful and playful personality and his outrageous PR stunts?

Would Trump be putting himself forward as a Presidential candidate without his brash self-confidence? Would we even remember his name if he didn’t have that ridiculous hair and crazy expression on his face?

These two guys have made themselves a LOT of money – and they’ve done that by turning themselves into a brand in which we couldn’t conceive of their companies being run by anyone else.

It’s a brilliant demonstration of brand creation, and how a businessman (or woman) becomes synonymous with their company.

Being true to yourself.

So many people can’t manage to put the real ‘them’ into their work, sometimes because they think they have to be like someone else, sometimes because they are afraid to be themselves. But trying to be someone else (unless you’re an actor) is a waste of energy – split personality disorder is no fun, trust me, I’m a business coach.

Be yourself instead, that wonderful, unique YOU. You’ll be so much happier as yourself – and that happiness will be obvious to others and make you an absolute delight to deal with.

Success will follow. You’ll stand out! People will remember you for your uniqueness and authenticity. You won’t get lost in the crowd of clones that think they have to be someone they’re not, and try to be the second Branson or the new Trump.

So don’t waste your time and energy by trying to adopt a persona, and don’t be afraid that people will be put off by the real you; be 100% authentic, and it will pay off for your business.

– To hear more about how you can be the real you in business, check out Nadia Finer’s business podcastDo you. Nadia Finer is a business coach specialising in strategy and support for female entrepreneurs. She helps women like you to step into their own unique awesomeness and GO BIG!


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