The 3 Simple Summer Trends To Try Right Now


3 Simple Summer Trends To Try For 2016

Summer will be here in just a couple of months and that means it’s time to break out your Summer wardrobe! There are three trends in particular that are standing out this Summer, but they aren’t over the top and bold like you might think, they are simple, understated and feminine, perfect for the everyday girl to rock. The reason I have chosen simple trends is because not everyone wants to splash out a lot of cash on something they can only wear for one season as it’s a fast fashion trend that will be over before the mail man has delivered it, so I wanted to make you aware of 3 trends that will see you through every Summer for years to come and will suit everyone! Check them out below.

Summer Florals & Crochet


Florals and Crochet are two trends (or combined trends) that work harmoniously with everything you have in your closet and every single skin tone. When you think of florals, this can be anything from cami tops and shirts to dresses and playsuits, the print can come on anything! If you aren’t into wearing a floral print on your body, you can even opt for it in the form of a handbag or shoes, it’s simple! You can buy really bold and colourful floral print or you can go for a subtle watercolour floral, the choice is yours. One thing is certain though and that’s the fact that it will never go out of fashion. When it comes to crochet, this looks amazing in little shorts, dresses or tops as it really gives off that beach vibe, but in a classy and put together way. I think that top above is amazing! Again, crochet is something that will stick for decades as it will always be a Summer trend.



Playsuits were very popular in the late 60’s and 70’s, then they went away for a bit, and over the past few years they have popped back up with passion. Everyone creates a playsuit now so you can find them absolutely anywhere you look during the warmer months. They can come with straps, long sleeves, buttons, zips, light material, thicker corduroy… The list is endless, but I think the best way to wear them in the Summer is off the shoulder or with thin straps, in a nice light colour or with floral or butterfly print, like the playsuit above. Isn’t that one just super cute? Team them with wedges or sandals and a tote bag, finished with some sunglasses and you are all set! You can rock your new playsuit every time Summer comes around and look stylish!

Flamenco Frills


Flamenco Frills is a trend that’s all about frills and fabric on your tops and dresses. I’m talking off the shoulder tops in white with floaty material, the kind you would see on Aimee Song, Nicole Richie and more. Mostly coming in white and including net or voile fabric too, this is a really feminine and airy trend that will definitely be great year in, year out. Bronze up your shoulders and collar bones and you will be all set! You can even wear a statement necklace and some big earrings to balance out the lack of fabric here, or team it with a hat and sunglasses too! Which trend do you like the most?

– The Fashion Supernova

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