‏How To Fake The Model Look

‏We all dream of legs that last for days, for clothes to sit elegantly on our frames the way they do for the models in magazines. Instead what ends up happening is we buy those same pieces and wonder why we don’t look exactly the way that they do. Unless of course, you shop with these key tips in mind. These are the tricks I use to fake that perfect model look.



‏Lengthen your torso by layering a longer top underneath a more fitted blazer or sweater. It will define your waist making you look both longer and leaner. Wear a scarf that draws the eye down the body and helps to elongate your torso. Avoid: A shirt that’s too long and cuts off too much of your leg, therefore making you look even shorter. It shouldn’t come much past the base of your trouser’s zipper.

Go Short

short skirt

‏If you’re legs aren’t as long as you wish they were, simply shorten your hem a little bit. This goes for skirts and shorts. The more leg you expose, the longer they’ll look. Avoid: Pieces that are too long. If you’re tripping over your own clothes it will make you look like you’re playing dress up in a grown-ups clothes!

Straight Leg Trousers

Wide Leg - stylecaster

Find a pair of trousers that fit you at your widest part and fall straight to the back of your heel from there. The line of the trouser will fool the eye into thinking your leg is nice and long. Avoid: Cropped trousers. They will give the impression that your leg is only as long as the trouser.


heel - jcrew

‏Nothing adds length like a good pair of heels. The best style for a petite woman is a pointed toe as it draws the eyes downward and gives an impression of a longer leg. Avoid: Ankle strap heels which cut off the leg line and make your legs look shorter.

Keep Accessories Small

small accessories - bombpetite

‏Thin belts, delicate jewelry and smaller handbags are the way to go when you’re petite. Big accessories will overpower you and make you look smaller. Long necklaces give the illusion of a longer torso and bags that suit your height keep you in proportion. Avoid: Really big handbags unless you are quite tall or slightly more broad shouldered. Just remember to always keep your accessories in proportion to your body and you’ll always look glam.

‏Whether you’re styling your look for work, a weekend or a wedding, these tips will take you through any shopping crisis and get you out the other side looking fabulous.

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