Friend Zone: A Quick Guide on How to Avoid It


Friend Zone: A Quick Guide on How to Avoid It

Have you ever heard from a girl “Let’s just be friends”? If yes, you know what a friend zone is. Relationship experts even distinguish between different types of friend zone. The first one is usually initiated by a woman who realizes that she is not attracted to a man but she is afraid to tell him directly about it because she doesn’t want to hurt him. As a result, she offers him to be friends. The second friend zone occurs due to a man’s fear of rejection. They pretend they want just friendship and conceal their true romantic intentions. They get into a friend zone from the start without realizing that it’s for good. The third way of getting into a friend zone is connected with a man’s failure to make it clear to a girl that he wants to date her, not just hang out together from time to time. The fourth scenario entails the following situation. You suddenly realize that your friend whom you’ve known since your childhood is really gorgeous and stunning. This is the most unpredictable friend zone type and the one that is the hardest to deal with. As you might have noticed, in most cases it’s always a man’s fault that he’s got into the friend zone and he has to face it.

The main reason why a girl sends a man to that dreaded friend zone is his wrong communication strategy and bad timing. A woman needs some time to get to know a man better. After that, she gives him some more time to make a move. If he fails to do that or doesn’t meet the deadline, he automatically gets the status of just a friend.

You’ve met a girl and don’t want to make the same mistakes? The following tips will teach you how to avoid getting into the friend zone.

• Don’t act like her friend.

Many guys make one and the same mistake thinking that to win a woman’s heart they need to become her friend at first. They hang out all the time and talk with her endlessly discussing her problems just as the best female friends do. If you want her to be your date, not just a friend, you shouldn’t behave that way. She can’t read your mind and will know your attitude to her through your actions and the way you treat her. Probably, she’ll misunderstand your intentions and you’ll never break free from the friend zone.

• Be unavailable sometimes.

You should let your girl know that you have your life and it’s not totally revolving around her. For this, don’t rush for your phone when she’s calling you. It’s better sometimes to call her back or text. If you have some plans and she offers to hang out, don’t give up your schedule and adjust to what she wants. Instead, tell her which day you are available and ask to see each other on a particular date.

• Talk to her when it’s only two of you.

Usually, friends hang out in groups, but being friends is not in your plan. In this case, you should spend more time together, only you and her.

• Ask her out.

If you’re romantically attracted to a woman, you should ask her out on a date, not just to have a drink or take a walk. Choose some romantic place to let her know that you’re not hanging out and you are not her friend but a potential lover.

• Touch her.

Touch is a powerful tool for expressing our intentions. Many guys are afraid of touching a girl they like because they don’t want to come across as too pushy. Another reason is that they are simply afraid of showing their interest in a girl. What you should learn is that touch is a normal thing and it’s typical of all romantic relationships. By touching a girl (either playfully or intentionally via a hug or arm touch, nothing inappropriate), you show that you want to have a romantic relationship. Also, it’s a great way to test whether a girl is interested in you or has some feelings for you. If she returns your hug or touch, she is interested in you. If you see she is not comfortable with it, she is either not ready to let you into her personal zone yet, or she sees you only as a friend.

• Compliment her and make her laugh.

Be generous with compliments if she really deserves them. Don’t be afraid to make a sexual remark concerning her appearance, but keep it light and don’t get too rude. Come up with a joke or a good-natured banter about her attractive appearance instead. This way, you’ll make her feel you’re attracted to her not as a friend but as a potential date, in a polite way.

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