3 Ways For Guys To Go Rugged In 2016

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For the time being we’re still in the midst of the autumn and winter fashion season, which means 2016 really hasn’t taken on its own looks just yet. But in the months ahead as we transition into warmer-weather clothing, we’ll start to see some of the looks that will define the year. And on the men’s side of the aisle, it appears that one of the prevailing themes will be a more rugged or outdoors-y look. These three items and ideas show the trend.

1) Safari Tones & Styles

It’s a trend that’s actually been around for a few years now on an off-and-on basis, but this post shows that safari fashion is back in action this year. Really it’s a fairly broad concept that incorporates a lot of khaki and off-white colours in field jackets, bush shirts, chinos, and even sweaters. Embracing so-called safari style is perhaps the best way for guys to opt for a current, fashion-conscious image that still appears rugged in its own way. A lot of these outfits would truly work equally well on a runway or in a safari van!

2) Camouflage

Once viewed as a tacky brand of retro men’s fashion, camouflage has made a comeback of late and now has a place in stylish guys’ wardrobes. And as the camo collection seen here demonstrates fairly comprehensively, it’s a versatile look that can apply to a lot of spring items. Jackets, long-sleeve T-shirts, cargo pants, and even backpacks can all be used to great effect as the weather starts to warm up gradually. And naturally, they all fit in with the rugged concept. Like the safari look, camo these days is equal parts fashionable and outdoors-y, which makes it ideal for spring 2016.

3) Long (But Styled) Hair

Finally we come to hairstyles, where guys have been showing their wild sides for a year or so now. A few years back, men’s hairstyles were getting shorter and neater, but now we’re seeing a return to long hair and beards, man buns, and the like. This list pretty much shows it all, but you may notice it’s headlined by the wilder looks as opposed to the attractive but sometimes over-styled looks associated with icons like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Needless to say, these wilder looks fit right in with the idea that men in the coming spring are going to be showing their rugged nature.

We’ll soon see specific collections of spring menswear popping up. But in a broad sense, these are some of the styles to keep an eye out for.


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