Bold Stripes a Key Catwalk Trend for 2016

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How To Wear Stripes Right

The right stripes could have you looking bang up to date this spring. Bold, solid stripes were one of the major trends to emerge on the catwalk this year. We saw some bold stripy pieces from Christian Dior, Armani, Ferragamo, Missoni, Stella McCartney, Prada and many more designers also chose to embrace this trend. Some of the stripes were vertical, others horizontal or at an angle across the body but all were in bold, rich colours and were clearly and cleanly defined.

Stripes are always a bold look to go for. They can be used to create optical illusions, to elongate the frame, to draw the eye and to pull focus. There are plenty of different ways to wear stripes and, though you may not think this is the look for you, you would undoubtedly find a way to wear bold stripes that would suit you.


The key thing when it comes to wearing bold, solid stripes this spring is to think about choosing a stripy garment that flatters your frame and brings focus to your physical strengths rather than drawing attention to the parts of your body that you are not so happy with.

The first consideration is that unless you are shaped like a runway model, horizontal stripes are not always the most flattering of looks as they can make you look broader and shorter. This is not universally true, however, and sometimes you can use this characteristic to balance out your body. If you are wider on the bottom then stripes on your top half can provide balance. Likewise, if you are larger on the top, horizontal stripes on a skirt, for example, could be a bold yet flattering decision. Stripes around your bust and hips could create an optical illusion and help you to make your waist look smaller.

Vertical stripes can make you look taller so if you choose the right ones they can help you to lengthen your frame, which can be great, especially if you are on the more petite side. Consider vertical stripes that flow the length of your clothing as sometimes vertical stripes over a portion of your frame can make you look out of proportion. A long skirt or trousers with bold stripes, however, can make your legs look longer and can be a good look on those with a more slender shape.

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Consider the shades and colours of your bold, solid stripes carefully. Remember that brighter, lighter colours will stand forth more than darker and more muted ones. You can use this characteristic to accentuate and alter perception of your contours. This is where bold, solid stripes can really come into their own and make you look your very best.

If you do not have any items of clothing with solid stripes in bold colours then you may wish to consider a signature piece. However, it would also be worth whole considering that you can use a belt and other accessories to create a bold, broad effect. This would be one way of translating this look from the catwalk to the everyday.

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