3 Ways To Revamp Your Image For 2016

With the new year now upon us, there’s no better time to make some changes to your image. To give you inspiration, here are three simple but effective ways to revamp your look for 2016.

Invest in some stylish new shoes

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Your choice of shoes can say a lot, so it could be time to ask yourself what your footwear reveals about you. Are you shabby chic, polished professional or just plain fashion faux pas? Investing in a few pairs of stylish new shoes could work wonders when it comes to enhancing your look and boosting your confidence. The perfect footwear can elevate entire outfits from the mundane to the must-have. If you’re short of ideas, take a look at the shoes your style icons like to wear.

Refresh your wardrobe


It’s easy to get stuck in a fashion rut and to pick out clothes in similar fabrics, styles and colours again and again. Like lots of people, you might find that when you walk into clothing shops, familiar garments seem to have an irresistible pull. To breathe new life into your wardrobe, take a different tack next time you plan to hit the high street. Instead of going it alone, take a fashion savvy friend with you to give advice and pointers. The chances are, they’ll find clothes you wouldn’t even consider if you were by yourself. Make sure you keep an open mind and, even if the garments don’t grab you straight away, try them on to see what they look like. You might be surprised. Taking advice like this on board is one of the best ways to refresh your wardrobe and revamp your look.

Go for a new look hair do


Next time you take a trip to the hairdressers, why not go for a different cut and maybe even colour? Changing your hairstyle can seem scary, especially if you’ve had the same look for a long time, but it’s one of the most effective ways to overhaul your style. Make sure you put plenty of thought into your mop chop before you get it done though. It’s important that you’re sure of your new style before the scissors are unleashed. Peruse different looks in magazines and ask your friends and family for advice.

Following suggestions like these could help you to create a whole new image for 2016 and they might give you a big confidence boost as well.

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