How To Relax Before Christmas Day

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How To Relax Before Christmas Day

You’ve done all your Christmas shopping and endured about as much stress as you can handle while out shopping for last minute gifts and food. You’ve finally finished getting everything on your list and you’re wondering how Christmas Day will actually go, worried about things going wrong. What do you do now? I can’t stress enough to you how important it is to wind down and have some ‘me time’ before the day rolls around. It’s not good to wake up on Christmas morning and feel like you have a mountain to move as it’s been building up on you for days, so take a few steps back before Christmas gets here and wind down. You will feel refreshed and ready to take on the big family day with ease! I’ve listed 5 things which will help you calm down and make you feel like you again, and trust me they work as I do them myself.

Have A Relaxing Bath


After all the running around like crazy trying to get those last minute deals and snap up the last bits of Christmas food before anyone else does, you probably feel quite sticky and dirty. When taking your ‘me time‘ there’s nothing better than a nice, relaxing bath to settle into. Not just for washing, a bath is one of the key ingredients in a winding down session. Just sit back in the warm water, close your eyes and think happy thoughts or tune your mind out. You can have some nice, gentle music in the background which will help you ease into it, but it’s important to de-stress this way and wash away your worries.

Paint Nails & Style Your Hair


Christmas is tomorrow and you don’t want to have a last minute rush in the morning doing your hair and your nails, getting ready for the main event. Do it the night before. After your bath, this is the perfect time to do your manicure and style your hair as it will be perfectly fine for the morning. A few hours earlier isn’t going to harm anyone and you will look gorgeous, without that added stress of the time rush when you wake up. Go for something red and festive or glittery on the nails and maybe even curl or straighten your hair in preparation.

Drink Home Made Hot Chocolate

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You’ve scrubbed up nicely and have wound down so now it’s time to drink some lovely home made hot chocolate. It doesn’t have to be homemade if you can’t or don’t want to make it, but I find sitting on the sofa with a nice warm drink like this feels really festive, but relaxing at the same time. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate at Christmas time? There’s nothing stressful about this drink at all!

Watch Christmas Movies

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You’ve got your hot chocolate so now it’s time to put on your favourite Christmas movie and watch it quietly on the sofa, either alone or with your partner/best friend. This will really help you feel festive and ready to tackle the big day tomorrow, but at the same time it will transport you to another world for a couple of hours where you can just enjoy the movie! Some of my favourite recommendations are The Holiday, Love Actually, Elf, Christmas With The Cranks and The Grinch. These are great movies!

Snuggle Up In Warm Clothes & Read A Book

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You might be feeling quite relaxed and calm now after watching a movie and de-stressing, but not quite ready for bed just yet. What I love to do is snuggle up in a warm sweater/jumper and some thick, cosy socks and start reading a book. This is either one I have been reading or I will pick up a new one. Lying down on the sofa or in your bed while reading is a perfect way to stay relaxed and not worry or think about anything stressful since you are in the books world. I recommend a nice romantic or relaxing book though, nothing like a horror or thriller as it might make you anxious, so keep it light and easy.

So now you have come to bed time, so hop in and get some sleep! I’m sure Christmas Day feels a lot easier and exciting now that you have calmed down and are ready to take it on! Happy holidays everyone!

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